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  1. @dksea I can see that she has become accepting of my 'this is your compulsion talking, I do not need to answer' ... I am currently reading 'mad girl' in the hope it gives me more of an insight (??)
  2. @Lollipop I've tried to access the conferences and have enroled but I'm not able to view the videos. Do I need to do something else? Thank you.
  3. @Gemma@OCDUK great tip, thank you ...I think I need to be more informed about what goes on during the sessions ...they go for a walk (which is massive for M) but I never have any feedback/ next step forward/ homework. @dkseathank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with me. You mention your mum limiting how much you could ask questions and seek reassurance, I feel I need a discussion with the therapist does can agree on best way forward . Thank you all so so much. Today was such a hard day at work ( being a teacher is not easy, being a teacher with covid is very difficult!) and reading your messages has made me feel a lot more positive about the next few days and how-to be better equipped. THANK YOU 😊
  4. @Gemma@OCDUK thank you for your reassuring words ...I feel ( hope!) we might have turned a little corner ...last night the usual stream of qiestion was coming out of her mouth and my default answer 'do you know which item?'/'do you know which drawer?' , 'unless you formulate a precise question I can't answer' ...is that too 'harsh'? I know it's not her, I understand her brain is getting all sorts of error messages ...do let me know if there are better phrases ...thank you so so much for your support ☺️
  5. @Lollipop thank you ... I will...it's half term next week so hopefully I can do some more ground work and give my gorgeous daughter the best support. @Gemma@OCDUK yes, she is under CAMHS. Thankfully it all went very quickly once she refused dietician support she was referred and seen within a week. She's been with the team since April . Shehas 1:1 2,3 times a week depending on team's availability...not sure what will happen with the 2 week isolation starting Friday .
  6. Thanks for the link 😊 ...this weekend has been so hard for me (so I can imagine it was even harder for my daughter 😒) ...the constant stream of questions ...about rubbish and items taken from drawers which starts as soon as I am out of bed and throughout the day ...I can feel the pressure building in both her and me ...she had 2 meltdowns one on Friday night and one on Saturday ...I wish she'd accept the meds but the team she's under have told her no one can force her to take them ...it must be so draining for her 😒😒
  7. Hi everyone,I'm new to the forum and I can't tell you how happy and relieved I am to have found you...I love my daughter so much but I feel terribly lonely at times! My dad 'experimented' with self harming back in year 8 ( she now yr 10) then started to show OCD traits but again we thought it was just a teenage phase until the OCD/anxiety manifested themselves on the plate which very rapidly turned into an ED ..after 7 months of hell my baby is home ...her physical health isn't at risk anymore but the OCD/anxiety are still there and stopping her from taking part in any social situation ...she's under camhs and school is trying to help too. At home it's the constant questions that are making me crumble insible , she is forever watching every single one of my move , ' did you find what you want mum' 'did you get something out of the drawer' what did you put in bin' ... it is constant and very wearing... I know it isn't her fault and I keep reassuring her that I love her but won't let the OCD take control and will not answer the OCD questions ...what can I do to help her? This is all so new to me and I feel lost XXX
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