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  1. Thanks for that. I mean occasional or when going abroad type of thing. But yeah thanks for the response how long have you been on fluoxetine for? Is it for ocd? anyone else any suggestions?
  2. Was just thinking if therapy will be long-life, then party’s holidays etc 😎
  3. Hi everyone Does anyone drink alcohol whilst on sertraline or any other SSRI?
  4. I’m trying to resist compulsions and feel that I’m progressing. However I need to re-train my brain to think normal (what my therapist says) I can do all the exposure in the world, but I need to cognitively understand that the thoughts are just thoughts and they don’t mean anything! Hopefully I’ll get there.
  5. Thanks for the message Gemma. I’m inserting CBT, had my third lesson today and it was good. I think I’m going to continue Cbt forever, I won’t be able to tolerate a relapse
  6. I’m 38 and i first had ocd as a child but well controlled. 2013 massive flare up, and then relapse after 7 years. I need to be really focused at work and I don’t have a minute to spare! The anxiety just doesn’t do me good! I will try my best with CBT and I do not want medications! If push comes to shove, then yeah I won’t have any choice! In the meantime I want to try CBT.
  7. Thanks polarbear. Seems like a long time. But thanks for the answer.
  8. I just want an honest opinion from someone I am trying my utmost best with ERP. My therapist told me I need to be able to cognitively reconstruct my brain which I believe it means to re-train my brain to think normal. I have been doing my homework, intrusions come all the time, exposure done, thought disappears and then again and again How long does this process take to somehow be able to understand? I know each and every individual is different, but how long did it take you guys after ERP? Weeks? Months? Years? I would highly appreciate if someone can advise
  9. Are there any therapists on here? Or can someone recommend a good OCD therapist. They can be from anywhere as everything is done online now thanks
  10. That’s fine. I just wanted to know if it’s normal to get this support or not thanks
  11. I was just wondering if someone has had similar symptoms When I look at someone and and intrusive image (unpleasant) comes into my mind, I feel that’s going to happen 😞 it can be a word heard or text seen, anything, things get related 😞 it’s very distressing when it involves loved ones 😞 I know it sounds silly, but that part of the illness 😞 I know I have to resist the anxiety and not perform the ritual, but it’s very difficult can anyone relate to this type of behaviour? thanks guys
  12. Hi guys, I started 2021 with relapse of symptoms and I am going to have my 3rd CBT session on next week. Last week I felt really upset after work because I was doing exposure work. My therapist is only there for me when we are doing sessions, and she hardly ever responds to a text or call if called out of these sessions. I sent her a message and told her I’m very sad, and she didn’t even reply. I perfectly understand if she has lots of clients, but a text message even within 24 hours won’t hurt, you can find a minute in your busy schedule! Am I asking for too much?
  13. I would suggest completing the degree as it will just be an extra qualification and try to keep your hobbies and pleasures going on the side! I’ve had a relapse myself and I can possibly relate it to something which I done over the last 6 months - new temporary job rotation. I hated it, and wasn’t sleeping properly. Hopefully your OCD will go away but the two years training for an LLB will just be wasted. A possibility of taking a year out? These are just my thoughts, others might disagree! If you will wanna be a barrister, you’ll quit of dollllllar 😀😀
  14. Thanks for the advice. I took citalopram for a period but it made me worse. I had a few sessions of Cbt and that’s it. I don’t intend to take medications now but have seen a therapist hope I’ll be okay
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