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  1. Hi Doc, I take fluoxetine and I am also a uni student so I'd be lying if I said I don't drink with it. From my experience, it can make you quite sleepy so be mindful of that. I'd definitely talk to your doctor about it beforehand.
  2. Hi Gemma, Thanks so much for your reply. I'm an adult in England. How do I go about finding my local service?
  3. Hi Gemma, I don't think need crisis support at the moment. Just a CBT referral for now. I did get a CBT referral after I was taken to hospital but unfortunately at the time, I was unable to sleep at night due to obsessions so slept during the day pretty much constantly for around 2 months. This caused me to be unable to make it to my appointments so I was discharged.
  4. Hi, sorry if this is a long one but please read because I could really use some advice. I've had OCD for years but it's got much worse recently and after being taken to A&E after a particularly horrendous night, I have had occasional phone calls with my GP and am taking medication. This medication helped me get out of the place I was in a few months ago but now I just feel like I'm getting worse and worse every day. My obsessions and compulsions are taking up much more time than they used to and I just feel like I need more support than I currently have. I've been under mental he
  5. Thank you so much for this. I'm definitely NOT new to OCD but I am new to the whole 'actually trying to get support' thing and this was very helpful.
  6. Hi I'm new here and I hope people don't think I'm crazy after this but here goes. So I have noticed I've been thinking a lot about whether I even have OCD even though I've been diagnosed and take medication. It's only recently occurred to me that I think I'm having obsessions about whether I'm having obsessions which then lead to compulsions?! I feel like this is making no sense but I can't find another way to explain it. Essentially my brain goes 'what if you're actually just an awful person' 'what if you're making it up' 'what if you actually hate people' (my main OCD theme is harmin
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