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  1. Thanks a lot for the reply. I was incorrectly given fluxotine once and I drank on that but it was alright tbh. I'd have to experiment with levels I think. I have had cbt, a very good therapist too, but I haven't cracked ocd yet which is very disheartening but alas its very hard work.
  2. Good evening, I will try to make this brief as I know how easy it is to go on and on with ocd talk! :) One of my reoccurring horrendous ocd issues is finding flaws in my partners apperance, despite her being beautiful. It's causing me so many issues as I go withdrawn, sad, numb and very frustrated I can't enjoy my relationship. Does anyone have tips to help this? I haven't found the ones through therapy to help much. Also, I was prescribed anti depressants, is it possible these will help in that they lower anxiety and could assist with the issue? Thanks John
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