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  1. I know this feeling also, I can walk to the fridge and think I've rubbed up against the laundry detergent or got near the anti mould spray in the cupboard, whilst I'm cooking, I question everything I cookweather its in date or if its even what I'm cooking.... I try and stand right next to the chemicals and detergents for along as it takes to get bored of being there until my anxiety calms and its not louder than me...
  2. Hi everyone hope your as well as can be, I'm in a spiral today I can't shake, woke up very wired and anxious... not sure why probably the usual sleep deprived, stress of daily life, worried if the sponge in the sink has been used with bleach and so on to clean, but sorry I digressed, Im suffering massively with a job I'm doing today wiring some heavy duty cable to battery and around and engine bay. I had a pinching sensation on my finger and there's not even a drop of blood, but with my ocd it automatically kick starts into fluid injection from something in the engine bay which I'm almost 100% certain is fine, but convincing my anxiety and ocd I'm going to be fine is nigh on impossible, having thoughts like I need to rind my wife and say goodbye because Diesel injected into blood I know is a 1 way ticket off this planet, any ideas on how to get on top of this would be massively appreciated thanks Liam.
  3. Hi keyboard worrier thanks for the comment, it's crazy isn't it knowing to accept your fears and accept thoughts for what they are, as pointless misfiring in the brain. It's just digging deep for the courage every day committing every day to beating the beast.
  4. It's comforting knowing someone else in farming is on here, it's more the fact I could continue and have done for quite a long time, it's just very exhausting fighting a battle in your head and putting a confident front on to customers/ colleagues who you know havnt the clue how it feels to be this way, yer I read alot to and it helps massively, any good books you can suggest ? Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hi I really appreciate this, I'm sourcing some ERP but it's hard to get the support as all my NHS doctors or so busy and cant get through to them, so I started looking into it myself on how to do it but am unsure if this is wise as I havnt the experience or know how.
  6. Hi everyone, I understand OCD comes in all kinds of strange ways and affects us very differently. I understand that a topic that affects someone intensely with their OCD anxiety, might seem completely Alien to someone else and wonder how?... Coming from a farming background where you cant show weakness makes this very hard to write but i feel someone might understand. However unfortunately my specific anxiety is brought on by repairing any sort of mechanical device e.g. car, tractor, digger chainsaw and so on, I don't doubt my abilities as engineer as i have some pretty feel good awards for it, which makes it even harder to step back away from it as my passion for it is great. The anxiety and OCD as well as some lengthy compulsions is ignited by the fear of it all going wrong and someone coming to harm by something I've done or braking, along with the fear of hydraulic high pressure systems blowing and injecting into my blood and high pressure air systems. Working in this industry most of my working life has been a challenge and unfortunately got the better of me and miss it very much, I'm writing this to see if anyone else also suffers from this, or have any good ides, practices that could help me progress back to a more self confident engineer and person. Thanks
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