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  1. Wow you want to maybe reel it back in a bit? Needing and asking for support is not an indication that anyone is handling something poorly and it's judgements like this that put women off asking for any in the first place. Way, way, way over the line mate.
  2. This. Entirely this. It's all very well and good saying 'treat your OCD' first but that's not how it works in most cases and it doesn't have to be how it works. I don't have anything else to add to what Lynz has said I just want to back up her post because she's correct - health issues are not a barrier to parenthood and making up some stupid rule about what you have to do first in order to succeed doesn't help anyone, especially not someone with OCD.
  3. Good I'm glad. I was worried about what was going on when you dropped out of the thread so I'm relieved you're being persistent with it.
  4. Have you raised any of these issues with the therapist in question? You're obviously entitled to an opinion about your own therapeutic care and may very well be correct in your assessment that your current therapist is not a good fit for you but the way to start to remedy that is to bring those concerns to her so you can both try to address them.
  5. Have you had the tooth checked since then? Dental infections do not just "go away". You need to follow the matter up to safeguard your health.
  6. I'm so sorry hun. Not that that is entirely bad news because like others have said stage one is entirely reversible and if this is the thing that gets your dad to stop drinking then that's good. Often this sort of thing can be a wake up call for a person and while it's not great he got to this stage to begin with he at least has sought help before things became too serious. It probably isn't going to be easy for him to quit and it's not going to be easy for the rest of the family either, yourself included, but there's no reason it can't end up a positive experience for you all in the long run. Try not to worry too much in the mean time and just keep going with what you've been doing. The whole point of working on your OCD is so you can manage it through periods just like this one, yeah?
  7. Can you not speculate please? You're not a diagnosing clinician you're a person on the internet and you've no business suggesting this sort of thing to anyone, third hand on a forum because you've read a wikipedia page about it. I'm sorry about your dad Summer. It all sounds really horrible. But sitting up reading about it on the internet isn't going to help. The fact is medical tests take time and the process of diagnosing and treating your dad for whatever is going on with him is going to be long drawn out and probably ongoing for quite a while so you need to use the skills you've been building on with your therapist and with all your exposures to try to maintain an even keel through that process. You over researching and doing other OCD behaviours is not going to change what's happening it's only going to make the process more excruciating for you. You know that. When you look at your situation logically you know what you need to do is keep going with the progress you've been making and try to live on day to day through whatever life throws at you. I know it's a lot and I'm really sorry it's happening to you but you need to look after yourself here ok?
  8. You could also try https://www.al-anonuk.org.uk which is for the families of people with alcohol problems.
  9. Yeah exercise is a great idea unless your exercise has an ocd component to it, which mine and I think probably man other people's does. Especially if you have a lot of somatic, just right and eating disorder aspects to your presentation. Which isn't to say that you shouldn't exercise because yes, exercise is an important part of good mental and physical health which play into each other and should, ideally be a part of any recovery programme but as usual it's not one of those blanket solutions that's going to apply to everyone. Some people might need to do a lot of work around their exercise routine and the thought processes around it before they can do it healthily and in a way that isn't damaging to them.
  10. Then come off the pill for a bit. Some women just don't get on with it. And yeah, your hormone cycle off it can be inconvenient and sometimes crappy but like my doctor said - it's like a cost benefit analysis. Sometimes you just have to choose the less bad option.
  11. Evening primrose or starflower oil. There's evidence to suggest that taking it regularly will help to regulate your hormones. I've been taking it for the last month or so after developing pain in my left tit like being stabbed repeatedly and am hoping it is going to make a different. Might not but it's worth a try right?
  12. Handy is only partly correct. An infection in you root canal is what necessitates a root canal procedure as per the nhs website : https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/root-canal-treatment/ . However since your dentist has not scheduled you for this procedure and has instead given you antibiotics it's more than likely that you don't need the root canal procedure at this time as your infection has not progressed enough to necessitate one. There are lot of different types of dental abscess and similarly lots of different causes for them and if your medical professional has prescribed you a course of antibiotics then that is the treatment they have deemed appropriate in your case. It's not worth it to them to risk their career on inappropriate treatment. You could always phone your dentist and tell them about your reluctance to take the antibiotics and ask them if there is an alternative treatment they can give you but alternative treatment for gum infections (if it's appropriate in your case) is to cut open the gum, drain the pus and and clean out the wound which I can tell you from experience is ******* painful. As is sticking a syringe into the hole daily and flushing it out with salt water. As for your doctors response they're not lying to you they are literally not qualified and therefore not covered legally to advise on dental matters and if your question was framed as a dental matter they wont answer that question. You cold try to call again and make it clear that what you're asking about is the likelihood of you having an allergy to metronidazole and your worry around it which is more in their area of expertise but frankly they're only going to tell you what I already have - that the chances of you having an allergy to both penicillin and metronidazole is tremendously low. I can keep trying to reason with you here or I can tell you what you already know - you are avoiding taking the medication that has been prescribed to you because the idea of it makes you anxious. Which is understandable but not practical in terms of your physical or mental health.
  13. I think not wanting to take medication is pretty common. Along with medical fear in general. My hairdresser refuses to have her tonsils out despite them being permanently infected and my neighbour avoids antibiotics at all costs and they're both totally 'normal'. And my gran? Do not get me started on that women. She is an absolute essay on why you shouldn't read the leaflet that comes with the medication before you take them. So it's not just you. And yeah, if taking them during the day is what it takes to self sooth I think that's a good decision. You know your limits the best and there's no point pushing yourself past them if it's not an emergency - which if it was you'd be in hospital already because the dentist would have taken one look at your and told you to go there. The warm salt water (as warm as you can stand) trick really works btw - it's not perfect but it will take the swelling down for a while since salt is anti-microbial. Although I had to stop and switch to corsodyl after about 6 ****** months of having to rinse my gum out because there was an open, infected hole in it for two years while I waited for a hospital appointment because too much of it will strip the enamel off your teeth but for you in the short term it's fine.
  14. I get you - it turned out I had become allergic (in my 30s, after having taken it frequently before) to penicillin during one of my gum infections - the first time it happened I came out in a couple of hives and my partner was like 'you're not allergic to penicillin don't be daft' but then then the next time I took it my throat swelled, I came out in hives and my hands/feet swelled up and went red. I was fine apart from that though and was given an antihistamine and sent home from a&e after the nhs 24 nurse told me to go 'just in case'. The worst part was the itching which went on for the next day and also hitting a deer on the way to the hospital and it taking out a bunch of difficult to replace parts on the car but to be fair I'm used to my throat swelling from having asthma as a child so when it happened I was sort of just like ...my throat feels weird this is weird. Apart from that it was pretty uneventful and I remained calm throughout which is the funny thing - you spend all your time worrying about life threatening illnesses and then one happens and you're like 'lol this is funny tbh'. That happening has made me very nervous about taking medication since though, and in the last year or so I've also developed a fear of od'ing on paracetamol that can leave me refusing to take the things when I should even if that isn't how paracetamol over dose works. So I totally, totally get you. I know it's scary to deal with and being alone compounds that but it is *extremely* unlikely for you to be allergic to both metro and penicillin. At least that's what I was told by several people after enquiring. If it would make you feel better to hold off until you can talk to a doctor that's fine - you can gargle warm salt water in the meantime which can help to control the swelling and pain - but you do need to try to take them hun. They'll make you feel a lot better in the long run and any side effects will be temporary. You can take them with food to minimise stomach upsets - which is something I've always found to work. Just don't drink alcohol on metro and you'll be fine. * I recognise this is probably all reassurance giving rather than OCD advice giving but having had an allergic to reaction to antibiotics before I thought I might as well share the experience. OCD advice, as you know, is to do the opposite of what OCD says which is to take the antibiotics and try to minimise compulsions while doing etc etc. I'm sorry you're not having a good time with this - tooth infections suck. You have my empathy and understanding.
  15. You're not going to clear a tooth infection without antibiotics. I know this because I have had multiple periodontal abscesses over the last 15 years due to an impacted wisdom tooth I just had to have surgically removed in hospital. You do not want to mess around with infections in your mouth. The complication are not worth it. If you're worried about stomach upsets due to antibiotics you can take probiotics and s. boulardii and keep to a bland simple diet. Yes you might get an upset stomach as that can be common with antibiotics but an upset stomach is better than sepsis, tunnelling abscesses or brain infections. Just take the antibitoics. Taking the antibiotics is the proper treatment here both for your tooth and your OCD since not taking them is blatant avoidance.
  16. For a start it's not a documentary it's a drama by Ryan Murphy who's the same guy who did Glee, Pose and American Horror story so it's his usual sensationalised and slick, exploitation schtick. I half watched like, 30 minutes of it it's Evan Peters acting in yet another Ryan Murphy production he's too good for which is the real crime here :v. That and the colour grading they're going for to pretend it's been shot on film to give it a 70s look which I found incredibly annoying so I turned it off. I mean I managed to sit through 3 seasons of Pose and the American Horror Story series about the asylum where Zachary Quinto plays a guy who can't stop kidnapping women because his mother abandoned him and Ian McShane goes on a murder rampage dressed as Santa but Jeffrey Dahmer is I think at the moment a step too far for me and I remain unconvinced it was appropriate subject matter. There are living relatives of his victims, it's a whole thing and it's a bit unseemly. But that isn't the point the point is - what I'm saying is that Ryan Murphy's shows are extremely high camp and sensationalised and while there's a debate to be had there about his choice to produce a show about a serial killer who committed a lost of very grisly crimes against real people it's not something you need to lose sleep over because : Secondly you're not Jeffrey Dahmer and there being a tv show about him says nothing about you as a person. The only thing it says anything about is that Dahmer is a hot subject at the minute because there was another movie made about him recently based on a comic written by someone who went to school with him so he's within the public consciousness (I've read that too I thought that one as also exploitative and I wasn't a fan of it ) and is a big brassy subject that focuses on the macabre and the grisly which is a Ryan Murphy staple.
  17. You're making a bunch of assumptions about the clientele a dog sitter sits dogs for. Not every single person whose dogs they look after is going to be a 100% perfect person with a stunning social lives and an amazing living situation. Because they are people and people are messy. There are a bunch of reasons people might need to use a sitter or a kennel service and not all of them are 'I'm on a business trip for my extremely successful job' or 'I'm off wakeboarding with Tarquin and the rest of the boys' or whatever other people are better than me, low self-esteem OCD fixation, social anxiety attack thing your brain is trying to tell you. You are more than likely not the first person with mental health concerns or person living with their parents these people have ever met or worked for. Those ideas are coming from you and they're negative self talk. Don't do that to yourself. You're a perfectly normal human being with valid concerns and requirements meeting with another perfectly normal human being whose job it is to provide a service and there's no reason you can't communicate with each other successfully and come to an agreement that suits both of you.
  18. Yeah sorry I was tired when I wrote that post so I didn't explain myself particularly in depth. If you carry your fears about rabies through to the end what's the story? You contract rabies and then what happens? How bad do things get? What's the If you follow that narrative through to the end you generally find the fears behind the behaviour that are actually bothering you into performing the compulsions. If you look at OCD as a (very poor) coping mechanism or a form of self regulation you can start to see it as a way of dealing with a yourself or a given scenario or whatever it is that's at the heart of the issue that instead of providing a workable solution keeps you trapped in a cycle of constant fear. By performing the compulsions like mental checking - as you're doing by trying to remember if you touched a bat or not - you're keeping yourself hyper aroused and fearful instead of taking a step back, unpacking the fear you feel and trying to look at it objectively and by doing so giving yourself the chance to come out of that hyper aroused state. If you follow your narrative through to the end - you get rabies, you get sick, etc etc - you should be able to expose the issues at the heart of the matter and deal with those head on rather than getting caught up in the cycle of OCD. (not that it's that easy - it's something that may always be there for you but if you know what it is and how to deal with it by recognising it and acting accordingly you should be able to navigate things a little more easily and spend less time worrying about bats to the detriment of the rest of your life.)
  19. There isn't though. I mean I could tell you that 'blah blah blah rabies risk in the uk is tiny etc etc' but that isn't really the point here. The point is you have a fear that you are feeding into by needing to be sure you've never touched a bat. Which, unless you can remember every second of you life since you were born you've got absolutely hee haw chance of knowing and trying to assess whether you have or have not touched a bat constantly is only serving to keep your fear alive. The fact is fixating on rabies is something you are doing to cope with something else and the more you fixate the more the actual problem beneath the fixation goes unanswered. It's a cycle of self abuse.
  20. I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed - that sucks. But I'm happy for you that you're managing to get on with stuff despite that. That's really good to hear. How's the job hunt going?
  21. Hi Getmeout how are you doing lately? You sound pretty stressed out right now.
  22. You really need to be getting medical advice from a doctor in this situation - not an internet forum. No-one here is qualified to give you the advice you want. We're OCD sufferers not haemorrhoid experts. Also the issue here isn't the mucus. It's the 'root cause' as you call it - which in this case is the obsession and compulsion with fully emptying your bowels. That's what you need to do deal with as actually causing you physical harm and can go onto cause you worse physical harm by damaging your pelvic floor. I know this because I have and have had a similar issue with urination since child hood and now have serious pain and mobility issues due to years of straining to 'feel empty' and the knock on effect this has had on my body. Dealing with the mucus is only going to add to the ritual you have going atm and possibly complicate matters since without medical advice you may just worsen the problem. I strongly recommend you speak to a doctor or other medical professional about this issue.
  23. Just take it a day at a time ok? I know it feels really awful but you can do it. Just go slow and be kind to yourself. Relapses happen and they are the worst but there's another side to them and you will get there.
  24. How's the slap fight helping here? Surely the answer is: if there's a concern go to a mental health professional with those concerns. Not the same argument about credentials I've seen several times that helps no-one. I get it, you guys take issue with each others approach to helping people. Maybe take it to dm's if you want to talk it out.
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