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  1. OK hear me out! Stop! Stop writing your reply until you've heard me out! lol OK what I'm saying is... hm. I just thought of an example so I'll use that. Let's say that due to OCD you were scared of touching a particular thing. If you ask a person without OCD "Do you wash your hands after you touch this thing?" and they say no... well then it's like they've broken your OCD trigger for you. They touch it, they don't wash their hands, and they're not dead! XD So... I'm just saying that I think it depends on the nature of the questions. Sometimes it can help me to understand that my OCD fears are irrational and I need to cut them out. It helps to ground me. Does that make sense? Am I missing something here? Thanks all!
  2. I actually was thinking that too fairly recently about how giving in to small things OCD "says" keep it alive and then it hits you with the big ones >.< I agree about uncertainty yeah. I was just writing in my little OCD notes I keep about how even though I can try to understand that thoughts have no power and can't harm people... I think somewhere in my mind I was worried that what if one day I find that actually they DO have power! lol The "what if" drives me crazy. Thing is though, I could one day discover that anything has power. It's no more likely to be thoughts than anything else. I actually do have a habit of rushing things. Go go go! Everything has to be done RIGHT NOW!! lol I think I got it from my parents. They were both pretty intense and if things weren't being done urgently and in a specific way then things often got way more intense >.< Maybe that's something I need to work on to as it might be doing me more harm than I realise.
  3. That's good yeah It's amazing how long it can take to recover from bad OCD, especially without meds and especially when you consider how quickly it can develop in a person. Mine took 1-2 years to develop and I've been chipping away at it now for 5 years trying to get rid of it! How much better do you think you are now? I actually have thought of an interesting new strategy recently which is just fundamentally trying to understand that thoughts can't harm me or anyone. I also kind of have religious OCD (I think that's the main type I have) but... thoughts can't hurt God either, lol. I bet He really doesn't care. XD This idea I have that there's some crazy god up there who cares about tiny thoughts that pass through my mind is just a paranoid fantasy tbh. All my OCD is based on (intrusive) thoughts and they're all harmless I think
  4. Every time I start to beat it, it ups its game!! lol I guess it's a good sign that I'm laughing Back in 2017 my OCD was really, really bad. Ended up in A&E once and almost twice but my parents helped me out. These days I've come up with a lot of strategies and things to try to deal with it. I'm kind of proud of myself to have fought back from the brink with it like that as I didn't use any meds and didn't even go to therapy or whatever. I just worked on it by myself, plus the occasional YouTube video or article or forum post! But I'm definitely not out of the woods yet. Sometimes it really gets me. It has so many tricks in the formulation of "triggers" to try to make them sound as credible and scary as possible, you know? One by one I keep trying to beat them and there are just more and more so I try to beat those too. It has to run out sometime, right? (sorry if this post/thread felt like it wasn't really going anywhere... it's my first thread so I guess I was just trying to explain my situation! )
  5. Ultimately thoughts are not going to hurt anyone. Even the worst intrusive thought imaginable can't hurt anyone, other than the person who had it stressing over it maybe. I do think that paedophilia is in the news a lot these days, one effect of which is inevitably that it will enter people's consciousness more in one way or another. It's like the opposite of "out of sight, out of mind". Intrusive thoughts... are what they are. They're never pleasant. For many people the goal of their intrusive thoughts is to be as distressing as possible so as to get their attention and try to make them do this or that (such as a repetition). If that is the case for you then communicating to your mind that they are distressing you is a pretty sure-fire way of ensuring that it keeps creating them.
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