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  1. Hey I was wondering if there is a list of inpatient treatment centres for ocd anywhere or if someone could tell me me. I've previously been to Springfield hospital in 2015 but I don't want to go back there I want to try somewhere else. THanks
  2. I don't fear getting ill so that doesn't matter ,it's just the spread of stuff I cant stand
  3. Hi but the thing is it will spread germs it's a fact t is it not? Surely with their job. It can't be all lies. Like they will be touching mould and stuff Arghh
  4. Hi everyone ,does anyone have any advice on how to deal with plumbers coming into ure home? They touch so much and I'm so scared cause I won't be able to clean everything then stuff will get contaminated and spread. And to me this is pretty logic to me, how do u just not care.help!!
  5. Hey all I'm really struggling at the moment well more like for over a year and I just dont no what to do anymore, a lot of my thoughts are logic to me so that's why I carry out my compulsions. I have slowly created a germy mess of bags from bathroom because they are to germy to put in bin, so I'd set them aside to wrap into a clean sheet and put in bin cleanly.(makes sense to me lol) but anyway as per usual it's just built up and up and now it's so germy I don't no how to clean it, I'm so stressed because I'm supposed to move into flAt that I've had for nearly two years!! Life is awful, I'm so tired I just want to go to sleep and not wake up sometimes. Ive been to Springfield hospital in 2015 and did get a bit better but slowly it's just gone down hill again and my therapy sessions stopped in june .Cause I was finding it hard to do the cbt, so basically I've no treatment whatsoever. I dunno what to do anymore, my brain makes sense, I feel trapped and scared
  6. Hey i was just wondering if anyone can recommend places, therapists that treat ocd in northern Ireland.
  7. I read that it was in the nhs in Nottingham and three private companies in London. Never heard of it before and it's non invasive so sounded good
  8. Hi I'm just wondering if anyone has had transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment?I'm curious about it
  9. thank you! its been a long process of over 2 years to try and get funding
  10. ah this is the article my great aunt said i should read, im from northern ireland to, just read it, well done!!
  11. hi all i just found out ive got funding to go to springfield!! totaly scared,nervous,we bit excited, arghhhhh
  12. had to post an say to muse man that i totally disagree with some of the things ure saying . no offence of course i do not belive that something dangerous will happen or something harmful will happen so its not all ocd themes at all. i wash my self cause i feel unclean not because i fear anything happing to me or dangerous happeining. again i dont feel danger or threat, i carry out compusions due to the feeling of being dirty or things spreading or family being dirty i do not fear anythign happeing at all. chrystal could u email the professor cause id like to no if he did say that about ocd and cbt cause i have exactally wat hes talkin about if he did.
  13. i think if people keep talkin about it ure actually gonna make those people feel worse so its best not keep mentioning it
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