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  1. Hi thank you Ashley for the post is really helpful i am finding this situation really difficult. I have OCD and it has been under control for a few years but now its back. My Mum has just been taken into hospital and she is frail, her symptoms are not corona related this is adding to my over all stress I watch the news and everyday I see more and more cases and it seems like a kind of doom is there and is creeping towards us as the numbers go up with the virus. I have had this feeling before with wars getting out of hand and they may go nuclear so I know the news can make people panic I have tried to not look at the news but I do find myself going back to it and have read today about people soon having to isolate themselves and not see others in the past when I worried about the news regarding wars I seemed the only one and could console myself but this situation is seeing lots of people panicking and it makes it seem different and real where as in the past it seemed it was just my OCD so I could console myself with that. Each day seems difficult to face. I need to find a way to relax and have time not you think about this i am finding all this really difficult and finding it hard to cope with. I would really appreciate someone sending me a message to help me through this
  2. Hi All It has been a long time since I last posted and overall I do feel a lot better. I recently felt my anxiety returning and have gone to my GP and know it will get better. I have something I want to ask you all. I want to know it my latest anxiety is OCD or a phobia. I wish to know this so that if it is OCD then I can use the methods I now know to overcome this. I have always been a bit anxious with being in cars, I do not drive and I am the passenger. I was in a car accident many years ago and it comes from that. My recent fear is that when driving along a road the car will go to the side of the road and hit the curb, this will cause an accident. So is this OCD or a phobia Blessings Ron
  3. Hi Caramoole thank you very much for replying it is really appreciated. The way that this obsession is affecting me is kind of like this thought is real so no matter what i do to feel relaxed such as sleep or anything else it will still be there and is reality so it does not seem like OCD to me it is like reality and I will hurt someone. I have tried to think logically about it but it doesnt go away. Is there anything I can do to help it be not so real to me and to help it go away. I had a similiar type of obsession last year and it stayed for months. Blessings
  4. Hi I wonder if anyone has any advice about an obsession that won't go. I have had it for 2 weeks and although the thought i know logically is not real it is still there. It is related to harming people which i would never do. Any reasons you think that ceratin obsession don't go and is there anything i can do to help it to go. Blessings
  5. Hi all I wonder if anyone can help me I have been having a really hard time recently. For the last week I have been obsessing over something and it will not go away. It is making me really upset and i am getting the most anxious i have been for a long time. I went to the doctor a week ago and was prescibed medication. Here is my obsession. A week ago I bought an xbox games consule which was second hand. With it was included a container with a lot of free games. I worried about this thinking it was put there by mistake and i would get in trouble with the police for keeeping it. I also worried that if i took the games back they may harm somebody The xbox it self was not working so I went back with both the xbox and the free game. I was awake all the night before i did this obsessing about it. I awoke the next day feeling really bad and my fear of the games hurting people because i had done something to them to hurt people became worse. The next day i took the games machine back and they gave me a new one no bother. They also said that the games that were with it were free and it was ok to take them, but i still worried about it and told them to keep the games. Later that day I really paniced and thought what if the games harm people. I went back and said that I would like the games back and they said ok and they gave me them back. I asked at the time is that definitly the same games and the said yes. Since then I have been obessing over the fact that they may have given me the wrong games back and if i put something in the games to harm people then they were still there in the shop. I cannot relax i think this is really and think maybe i should go to the police an tell them to make sure no one gets hurt. I cannnot relax thinking something bad will happen because of me at any time. I know i did not do anything and have not thought that i did logically, i would never hurt anyone. But still the thought persists and will not go and i think this is real not OCD. Does anyone out there think this is OCD or something else such as some other form of delusion. I had a similiar thing about 8 months ago weher i thought I attacked someone. It did not go away for a long time and it made me feel really bad. Can anyone give me any tips in dealing with this obssession. I feel really bad Blessings Ron
  6. Hi can anyone tell me if it is normal to have mood swings with OCD. One minute i am very upbeat and the next I am very anxious and it seems to change very quickly Blessings
  7. Hi Legend thank you for replying. Very good answer. If I saw someone who posted this I would think waht a lot of rubbish stop thinking about it. It has no basis in reality and I would tell them to use the 4 step method if it is still there. So your reply is just I need a way of not giving into my OCD. I give in too easily and I need to be stronger. Thank you for the wisdom I need someone like you as a life coach lol Blessings
  8. Hi All first of all I would like to say that I really appreciate this forum and it really helps me to know that I am not alone. Recently my OCD has been coming back and i really do not want to go back to the doctor for medication but I know it may be something that I need to do. I would like to ask the opinion of the people reading this if they think that this is OCD or mearly a worry. And also if people think that in terms of reality if there is anything to worry about. It is weird when I look back on my past obsessions they seemed to real at the time but now they seem stupid to me and have no basis in reality. So I would like you to be honest with me and tell me if there is anything to worry about in the real world and not in the OCD world. I hope this makes sense. Recently my obsessions have turned to contamination in terms of cleaning the kitchen and actidently giving someone food poisoning. I have noticed that other obesseions are really not so bad but this one has taken over and i suppose it is related to the getting arrested thoughts as in what if i accidently give someone food poisoning and get arrested. So here goes with my lastest one tell me what you think does this worry have any basis in realty. Hopefully by saying what you think then I will be able to see through the haze of OCD and to the truth and learn to think in a more logical way. I was approached by a local paper and asked to come up with an unusual flavour of ice cream that I would like to try, in the past on holiday I came across an unusual flavour that I mentioned. They took my photo and my name and will put it in the paper in a couple of days. I am now worried what if someone tries this and gets food posioning and i get arrested. I should add that they type of icecream is a perfectly normal type of food but not something you would usually get as ice cream. So that is it be brutal and tell me what you think am I being silly and getting this out of proportion. Blessings
  9. Hi Lawrie thank you very much for replying it is really appreciated. Yes I talked to my doctor about cutting down my medication and stoppping it. I did cut it down gradually. I just stopped it recently an dknow that this is the correct way forward but I do feel that my OCD could strike at anytime. I do need to find a long term way to cope. I have looked at a book on CBT and maybe this is for me. I also looked at the 4 step programme is there someway you can do this and moniter it. Thanks
  10. Hi I have just come off my medication and I have felt my OCD coming back I was wondering of anyone has any advice for me
  11. Hi Lawrie thanks for the reply and you opinion is really welcomed and helps. I have been to the doctors and was prescibed with citilopram about 5 months ago. I now feel it is time to come off them and the doctor says that is a good thing. I feel that I would be able to do this myself but I do appreciated what you say about doing it gradually. I will take it a day at a time but I know that it will take courage on my part and I will beat it I am determined to do it. Recently my OCD has mutated a sure sign that it is trying to hold on, so nothing will hold me back. How is your OCD at the moment I am here to listen Blessings Ron
  12. Hi Laura thanks for the reply and the support it is really appreciated. I guess that is true diffirent things work for diffirent people. I did try and face my OCD about 6 months ago and it beat me but only temporaily. I will not give up I will be brave and try again. Can I ask what you have done to face your OCD and what is the most effective method it is always good to learn from others experience Blessings Ron
  13. Hi all first of all I would like to thank everyone that participates in this forum it definitley helps to know I am not alone I would like some adavice about my OCD. I feel that i am at the point of wanting to face and overcome my OCD once and for all. I know this will be difficult but does anyone have any advice about doing this. Should i do this all at once and face it head on or use a more subtle method. I would be intersted to here your opinions Blessings Ron
  14. Hi Carol Thank you for replying it is really appreciated and you are a very nice person for saying this. I have having no other help and it is only recently that my OCD has come back although I know it has always been there in the background. Over the last month I have been trying to get rid of it finally I thought it was time and I felt pretty confident in doing this. So perhaps it is this that has brought it back. I have also had neuralgia which manifested as pain in my teeth a sure sign that I have nbeen anxious. So what do I do give in to it or face it head on like I have wanted to do. I do feel it is is time to let go of it. The question is do I have the strength to face it Blessings
  15. Hi, recently I have been trying to get rid of my OCD and began practising the 4 steps which I find really difficult. I have a had an obsession that I have hurt someone I have had no memory of doing this and know deep inside it is not true and that it is OCD. But this obsession want go away and it has been here for more than a week I have tried all the things I can to get it away. But it seems so real and I feel that it is hanging over me and I cannot feel safe and relax even for a second. I am a nice person and would not hurt anyone so I know logically it is rubbish. But it will not go, any advice. Has anyone had obsessions that have stayed for a long time Blessings
  16. Hi everyone, first of all I would like to say thank you to everyone who has answered me in the past it has definitley helped. I feel that I am at the point where I am almost over my OCD but because of this it has changed. Is this common for the OCD to change into another form because it is frightened I may get over it, has anyone else experienced this? The form it is changed into suprised me when it first happened as it was out of the blue and I have never experienced anything like it before. I was walking along a road that I was not familiar with and I found myself thinking after what if I have harmed someone and did not remember doing it. This has happened several times since then, including saying to myself what if I have looked on the internet at something bad and do not remember doing it. This seems really strange and a way for my OCD to try and control me since I cannot raltionalise what I cannot remember. I am a very honest person and know that I would not do anything bad but still these thoughts persist. Any help on this would be appreciated. Has anyone else experienced this? Also what are the 4 steps and would they help with this. Blessings
  17. Hi everone I have a problem with checking that the cooker is off in the kitchen I check it a lot befor I go out and doubt that it is off. I walk away and say to myself "It is definitly off and be confident" but a few seconds later I doubt is off and go back and check it. Tomorrow I am going away for a week and I have to make sure everything is off in he house andy tips for coping with this. I would be most grateful for any help Blessings Ron
  18. Hi Annabel thank you for replying. I agree this was the thought I had as well. You are very insightful. When i try to get to the thing in my childhood and understand what it is I seem to be blocked and cant see what it is. Could i be so afraid of this I am blocking it myself Blessings
  19. Hi all I have posted before and mentioned my fear of getting arrested even though I am extremely honest. I know that behind most obsessions there is the thing that you are really afaid which is not always related to the obsession. Can anyone suggest what it may be in my case. I know i need to deal with this and knowing this would help a lot. I would appeciate any thoughts Thanks
  20. I also check quite a bit. I look at the cooker at night and think it is off then I then maybe its isnt off. I then go and check it again and mre i check the worse it becomes. It is like I am having a kind of hullucination after a while and almost imagine i am not really there checking the cooker if that makes sense.
  21. Hi everyone I was wondering if everyone could give thier thoughts on this. I have had OCD for many years and in recent years it has changed I used to have thoughts that things were unlucky that I bought and would have to return them to the places that I bought them. But in recent years this has all but disappeared. I think I do not have many symptoms as such but I do have a couple of phobias relating to travel, one is fear of flying and the other is fear of travelling in cars. What I want peoples opinion on are these phobias just another manifestation of OCD, has my OCD become manifested as phobias and in fact it is just OCD in disguise. What is the difference between OCD and phobias. I look foward to hearing peoples opinions Blessings
  22. Hi thanks to both of you for replying it is really appreciated and I am glad to be part of this forum I agree with what you both said about this being like any other obsession and that they are only thoughts and have no realty in the world. I also agree that I have to look more at the reality of the situation and that I am an honest person. The one thing I do is that I tend to view my OCD as different from other peoples I see my thoughts as being real and that when I look at thoughts I have had in the past I would say that they are OCD and are not real but when I look at my thoughts with regard to the police i say They are real they are not OCD and they are worrie and can actually affect me. I hope I make sense lol Any tips on dealing with this and has anyone ever experience the same thing
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