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People With OCD Who Are Open And Spread Awareness

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Those that know me know that I am passionate in encouraging sufferers to open up about OCD and spread awareness - to understand we simply have an illness for which we are blameless - and, by encouraging others to step out into the open and seek assistance , we can help save people from a life of suffering. 

I myself was at it again this morning, explaining to a dental technician how OCD can affect us and be a challenge when we need dental treatment. He will take that knowledge forward into his professional life, probably talk about it to other healthcare professionals. 

A wonderful celebrity example is Ian Puleston-Davies from the British soap opera Coronation Street. 

There are various people from history known to be sufferers, for example Howard Hughes. 

Which other well-known people do you know who have said they suffer from OCD? 

Our wonderful charity OCD-UK is always spreading awareness, there for those affected by OCD and also connects in workshops with therapists to aid their understanding.

It will shortly be OCD Awareness Week - even if we can /feel like only a small amount of awareness-spreading, let's do it - it might only be telling a friend we trust what our OCD problems are. But there will be opportunities - and they will help spread the word, reduce stigmas, and maybe people will check out OCD-UK and the forums as a result :)


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