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Had a bad couple of weeks over Easter, but really trying to conquer it this time, put into place all advice and not let it escalate. Not sure if I did the right thing this morning, so looking for advice. 

Contamination is my main worry, particularly blood or anything carrying viruses etc. This morning, I noticed a reddish brown spot on my shower room floor. This shouldn’t be a problem, as this room is only used by my family. However, I have a cleaner who comes on a Friday and so I start to worry that it could be her blood. I begin to wrack my brains over whether this spit was there on Friday night - would I have noticed it if it was etc. Then worry over Whether it is in a place where we might have stepped on it over the weekend and spread the contamination throughout the house, etc. 

Then I pull myself together and force myself to walk away from it and try to forget it a bit by distracting myself. Later, wonder whether the walking away from it and pretending it’s not there is actually the wrong way to deal with it. What would be the ‘normal’ way to deal with it? So, I clean it up, as I feel that it what a non-ocd person would do. 

Now I’m pretty certain I made a very bad job of dealing with the whole thing! Not sure whether ignoring or cleaning up was the best course of action. Would like to learn from this event, so I deal with the next one better! Of course, I’m probably doing the worst thing now by analysing my responses and giving the whole event more importance than it really warranted? 

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Yes you are making things worse. Let it go.

You don't know the spot was blood. Even if it was, so what? Your brain was telling you there was a huge risk of contamination when there wasn't.  It was all an OCD lie. Any reaction other than walking away from it was a compulsion.

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