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I just need someone to tell me there's light at the end of the tunnel. I've been with my partner 7 years we have two children and he suffers bad from OCD! I completely understand it all as much as I possibly can't without suffering from it myself. I try my hardest to be supportive and help him as much as I can! But it's hard very hard! I have a 6 year old that doesn't understand and tells him how she washes her hand and she does certain things to make him happy! I don't want her thinking it's normal and that's the right way of life but it makes it easier for him! We also have a 9month baby. He's currently doing CBT and has been on medication, sometimes I think he's improving and other times I feel like we are going backwards! I don't know if I want to live life like this with my children. I love him but the OCD has just put such a strain on our relationship and our children! I do everything by myself with our children because I know day to day tasks can sometimes be a struggle. He works full time and I'm very proud of him. But is this going to be my life forever?

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Hi Lilmarsh and welcome to the forum. :welcome:

The answer is 'it needn't be' but it's up to your husband to make the necessary changes. All you can do is hope that he values the children's welfare and your family's future as much as you do. It can be really hard to face up to OCD, even when your loved ones lives are on the line. Crazy, but true. You seem to be giving him all the love and support you can, so just hang in there and fingers crossed you'll see the rewards of the CBT before too long. :) 

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It depends on how committed they are also on fighting the compulsions and behaviours. My wife has been suffering severe contamination ocd for around 3 years. After CBT she became worse and didn't want any further help,says she can manage it on her own. Yes she has stopped doing certain things, but then comes up with other new stuff. I have severe restrictions imposed on me as soon as step foot in the house. Everyday stuff that people  take for granted I cannot do. The hoops that I have has to go through is unthinkable to a normal person. Our relationship has pretty much deteriorated and I can't stand to be around her. I am still with her only because of my kids otherwise I would have left her a very long time ago.

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