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Prime Minister's Questions Today

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I happened to be in the gym and caught sight of PMQs going on on the TV, with subtitles. 

The passage I saw was relevant to today being mental health awareness day. 

Corbyn attacked May for lack of NHS funding for Mental Health, and said that there are 15,000 less mental health nurses now than there were in 2010.

She said they are now going to treat mental health on a parity with physical health, which is of course good. But Corbyn said this was only because labour forced this change. 

Well done Jeremy for raising this and demanding more mental health funding. 

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I must admit that I have felt the recent mental health awareness days -  and other 'stuff' on social media etc which brings awareness to mental health - a bit of a joke.

Unfortunately, over the past few months I have gone through some very difficult times. I have taken some 'small' overdoses (enough to help me sleep but, hopefully, not to end my life) and one, intentionally, large overdose. As a result I have visited A & E a few times - once in an ambulance and being fully admitted.

After two of these visits, I was seen by the emergency psych team. Even after the one which I had admitted had been an attempt to end my life, I was deemed not in need of any follow-up treatment. What do you have to do to get any treatment??

I don't, in any way, blame the people I saw or mental health professionals - there just are not the resources to support the need.

A friend of mine spent a month in a secure unit - support 24/7 for a month. When he was released, there was no follow-up support - he was told to contact his GP if he had any further problems. (He has had - I know he has made further attempts on his life - he is about 25 - a lovely, bright young man who deserves better.)

It is a total travesty - the NHS is brilliant but it is being slowly robbed of resources and of its powers to support the people it was established to help.

I don't blame PM May (though she has never really been my cup of tea) this gradual reduction in resources has been going on for years and is going to need a huge volte-face to put the resources back where they are needed.

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