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I Am Happy To Report That....

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I am still doing well re my OCD. It hasn't really troubled me unduly for 21 months. 

Occasionally an intrusion pops along, but is usually gently eased away without meaning being applied. 

And I don't avoid things, or get involved in the carrying out of compulsions. 

For me this shows that when we kick compulsions into touch, and don't give meaning to intrusions, they DO lose strength and frequency - so I wanted to share this with you tonight. 

Whilst these are for me an absolute vital key to recovery success, there has been an awful lot more than that in my recovery journey.

And I am absolutely convinced that with OCD recovery one size does not fit all. Accordingly I believe we are better for having various tips and tricks in our recovery toolchest and available to deploy strategically. 

On my one-man local crusade to seek to help those I come across locally with anxiety disorders, so far several appear to have OCD. The others autism, negative thinking disorders, stressful relationships and all sorts. 

I spend time here because I can (I am retired), because my wife too knows how much this charity has helped me so does not mind, and because what we learn individually of benefit may likely help other sufferers. 

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It's great to hear you're doing so well Roy! 

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