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Look For OCD's Core Beliefs: And Stop Those Compulsions

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Many of the compulsions we carry out in OCD are overt - they are easily seen - such as repeatedly checking, washing, cleaning, googling, re-assurance-seeking, undertaking rituals, avoidance. 

Others are covert - like mental counting, repeating, ruminating, testing, researching. 

But all of them make OCD intrusions, and the underpinning OCD negative core belief, stronger and encourage more frequency. Because they give them belief, make a connection with them. 

That OCD negative core belief - per theme or manifestation - will be centered around a falsehood (but OCD will allege it is true)  exaggeration or revulsion.These will evoke a strong behavioural and distressing response and the urge to carry out compulsions to try to ease the disorder.

So dig down, spot that core belief - challenge it, see it for what it really is. Don't allow the OCD to demand certainty, be willing to accept probability instead. 

Rather than provide relief and a solution, the carrying out of compulsions strengthens OCD - encourages it. 

So we need to stop those compulsions. This will take time and effort.

And a good way to learn how to do this is to watch PolarBear's excellent video on how to stop ruminating (link posted under another topic here). The same methodology will work for other compulsions. 

A new year is a great time to commit to making changes in our lives. Committing to giving OCD the boot by working through such CBT methodology can be no better new year resolution. 


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