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The Guardian: Medical Cannabis Use "Not Justified" for Mental Health Issues at This Time

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Hello All

I spotted this well written and reasoned article in Monday's "Guardian" and thought it might interest people.  There has been some interest in recent years on the use of cannabis derived medicines for the treatment of a range of mental health disorders, including anxiety driven states such as OCD.  Now a new report suggests that there is not enough evidence of beneficial effects, and some contrary evidence of less welcome occurances, which means that for the time being, use of these medicines is not evidentially supported.  


My personal experience of this substance dates from around 2000 when I was first formally diagnosed with OCD (although I had done my own research and knew what I had some years previous to reaching that crisis point).  I was in a lot of distress and found that taking cannabis did reduce the driving factor in my OCD - a chronic and terrible anxiety.  For a few days I did get relief from my symptoms, but I was pretty whacked out generally.  It was not a recipe for functioning normally!  Eventually, after many years of struggling on, in 2009 I was put on a dual course of medication:  citalopram for depressive symptoms and olanzapine (an anti-psychotic) for my obsessional thoughts.  The combination has worked very well.  

Kind wishes

Tez :yes:

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