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  1. Ah, hi Ashley. It gets the better of us all at times. You have my sympathies. I hope you are feeling a bit better now. I still struggle after 30 years, although I have never had proper CBT! I've had what Professor Salkovskis calls NVGCBT! Well, I have some good news - kind of! Unfortunately, my big moment was deferred because of a live discussion on Black History Month. However..... Steffi apologised to me that the show ran out of time and has instead given me more than twice the airtime (12 minutes) on Thursday 31st October. Hallowe'en night! I will be on the air with Hans, a counsellor who specialises in work with men experiencing emotional distress and who is very knowledgeable as well about mental wellbeing and health issues. So, October 31st it is. Gives me more time to elaborate on OCD and how we can work together as sufferers and activists to alleviate the condition. I will be there with my message of hope - and so will Hans. I am also selling OCD wristbands and lapel pins at work for clients and staff. So expect an order from me at the shop soon!! Will keep you all updated!
  2. Hello Guys Thanks very much for your ideas!! I am getting from your responses that we need to get across that the phrase "OCD" is often misunderstood and misused by wider society - an inadvertent consequence perhaps of the fact that the condition is talked about much more these days. I think I will get it across by comparing it to the way in which a lot of people misappropriate the term "depression" (which of course, can also be coterminus with OCD). People say "I was so depressed last night" but what they mean is "I was feeling down last night". Clinical depression is so much more than that - it is consistent low mood and often is debilitating. Well, the same is true of clinical OCD. I think I will use an example that Professor Salkovskis has used on his TV appearances (I think I am right in remembering this) that everyone can relate to OCD feelings - how many non-clinical people have gotten half way to the bus stop and had a very strong intrusive thought that "Have I locked the front door?". It can be briefly be quite a strong urge to go back at check, but "normal" people can easily dismiss such an idea, as Roy states. I also intend to get across the web address of OCD UK. The show is live at 7pm and will then be podcast on various platforms. You can read more about it at: http://shoutoutradio.lgbt/ Thanks again for your support. Have a great day and hope that OCD Awareness Week is going well for you! Best wishes Tez
  3. Hi There I agree with dksea - it's definitely just OCD. I worked with a HIV prevention charity for many years and put simply, head lice bites do not transmit HIV or Hepatitis. I know I should not be offering any reassurance, as this can add to the cycle of OCD, but I have also worked with lots of homeless people: they no more have head lice than do anyone else. Hope you feel better soon. Kind wishes Tez
  4. Hello Everyone As some people on the Forums might know, I have been involved in radio in different capacities for a long time. I started as a teenager on a local pirate radio station (the UK did not legalise community radio stations until the Labour government of Tony Blair, after decades of civil disobedience), have done hospital cable radio (Aberystwyth's Radio Bronglais - still going and marking its fiftieth anniversary this autumn), and then joined local community radio when it was (legally!) introduced to the city of Bristol. I thought I would pull a few strings to see if I could get some airtime for OCD Awareness Week and I am delighted to say that my dear friend Steff has invited me to go on the West Country's largest magazine programme for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. This is broadcast from station B.C.F.M. in Central Bristol and is networked out to a grand total of eleven radio stations, including Bradley Stoke Community Radio in North Bristol, Gloss FM in Thornbury, Glastonbury Community Radio, Frome FM, Tiverton Community Radio in Devon and Radio Tircoed in Greater Swansea. The show boasts around 40,000 weekly podcast downloads, and the audience listening on conventional radio is estimated to be several times larger. I am very indebted to Steff to allow me the airtime. I have five minutes and will be joined by one of my friends who is a radio presenter and a counsellor. I have spoken about Living with OCD on community radio before, and was once also able to appear on the regional BBC station, Radio Bristol. Because I just have five minutes, I want to make sure that I get the key messages across about OCD and the help that is offered by OCD UK. Does anyone have any nuggets of advice, support, wisdom, insight I can include in my little presentation? Your ideas are welcome! Stay tuned, as they say. Tez 🏳️‍🌈🎧
  5. Hi Guys Just a little piece for the Media monitoring page of the Forum, which I've been meaning to pop up for a while. Comic and raconteur Tom Rosenthal was given a full page spread in the daily free newspaper "Metro" on Friday August 30th, to talk about his new show "Manhood". Journalist Ashley Davies writes "Tom's Show contains lots of funny stories about his life, and he talks a little about having OCD - something he's dealt with in more detail in earlier shows. He often has a compulsion to touch things and people a specific number of times, and the disorder is exacerbated by stress". I understand that the comedian is touring through the Autumn. He will be at Swindon Arts Centre on October 3rd. All the best Tez 😊
  6. Yes, Koala. I do I do!! I am often engaged in what i believe is called "metacognition" by pschiatrists, when you analyse and dissect the thoughts that are plaguing you. And then, when you think you have sorted one aspect of them out, another doubt will appear in your mind and the cycle starts again! I am often thinking about my thoughts and comparing them to others i have had, to make sure that they are just OCD..... it goes on and on! Tez
  7. Hello All I have just popped back from my local newsagents, where I bought a copy of today's "Guardian". There is an article inside on research that has been published claiming that brain stimulation procedures can assist people experiencing very severe and refractive OCD. Thought I would mention it so that you can visit their website for the full article. Best wishes Tez
  8. Hi Guys As someone who has always a read a wide variety of newspapers and magazines, I was interested to pick up a copy of the African-Caribbean newspaper The Voice this week and see that the lead article was an appeal from the "Time to Change" Mental Health coalition for black women to speak out about their mental health experiences. Nikki Llewellyn, speaking for the coalition, said that black British women were statistically more likely to experience anxiety disorders and mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorders. She said that "being a strong woman does not mean staying silent" and encouraged black women to get involved in campaigns to end stigma around mental health needs. Nice to see The Voice newspaper putting such an important appeal on its front page. Tez
  9. Hello All I know that the website lists 7th to 13th October in 2019 as Awareness Week.... is there anything taking place this year? Many thanks! Tez
  10. Hi All Just popping this here because the man affected is disabled by OCD, anxiety and a range of other mental and physical health issues. It's a story from the Disability News Service, a useful web portal that I consult regularly. Mr Keith Morgan has gone on record to detail a veritable litany of obstructions and maltreatment that he has experienced in claiming benefits. https://www.disabilitynewsservice.com/atos-assessor-told-gay-man-he-was-defective-and-needed-to-be-cured-by-god/ The homophobic aspects of Mr Morgan's treatment have also been picked up by the gay newswire Pink News: https://www.pinknews.co.uk/2018/06/15/man-offered-gay-cure-therapy-by-his-disability-benefits-assessor/ Kind regards Tez
  11. Hello All Issue 3180 of the New Scientist magazine (a UK based weekly popular science and technology magazine) [issue dated 2nd June 2018] reports that some interesting side effects have been reported amongst a small sample group of people who have undergone surgery for intractable and severe OCD and have implants in their brains designed to stimulate parts of the circuitry believed to be deficient in people with severe OCD spectrum illness. Apparently, it can regulate and help overcome diabetes. The article is in the print edition of the magazine, but you have to pay for it on the New Scientist website. Kind regards Tez
  12. Well done BBC. I knew that the license fee would be well spent.
  13. Hope people find the Guardian piece of interest. I have to say that the offering of euthanasia to people with severe OCD causes me some distress, as I was not aware of this practice. Surely, it must only be a very, very last resort. BTW, my reference to the clinic in South Wales that does some brain surgery for OCD, comes from a conversation with my psychiatrist in 2009, when she was reassuring me that there were many, many different treatment options and not to give up. Tez
  14. Dear All From my organisation's daily press pack this morning, which I help prepare: A really fascinating article in the Guardian about euthanasia in the Netherlands: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/nov/09/any-taboo-has-gone-netherlands-sees-rise-in-demand-for-euthanasia Some practitioners feel that whilst the intentions of end of life services are good, there is ‘too much’ routine euthanasia. The case of a man with OCD who asked to be released from his life long hell is being hotly debated by OC and mental health charities in Holland and England. I would like to point out that in Britain, extremely severe cases of OCD can be referred to a clinic in Caerdydd/Cardiff in South Wales, where experimental brain surgery has about a 70% success rate in alleviating symptoms. Kind regards Tez
  15. Hello All A friend of mine put a video from You Tube on my FaceBook wall by a performance art poet called Neil Hilborn, who lives with OCD and some other mental health issues. Apparently, his work called "OCD" is considered highly in performance poetry circles and is even cited on Wikipedia. Since I had never seen it before, I thought I would share. Please note that there is a moderate amount of profanity in this piece. Kind regards Tez
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