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Support for parents of children with OCD (CAMHS age)

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Unfortunately due to the ongoing public health crisis we took the disappointing decision to temporarily postpone this weekends (Sat 21st Mar) inaugural parents OCD educational workshop.

This thread is for those parents due to attend (and any parents with children under 18)  to seek support to ask questions to help better understand OCD whilst we wait for the rearranged workshop.



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Hi, could you please include me in future groups? My daughter is 16 and has had OCD and BDD for over 3 years.

Thank you so much

Stay safe


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Hello Jayne,

Of course.  At the moment the project is only funded for East Midlands as a trial, but is open to non EM residents who can travel to one of the workshop locations.  If, when we eventually get started they work and are helpful for families we hope to get funding to deliver outside the East Midlands from 2022 onwards.  Until then guests would need to travel to one of the East Midlands locations.


Some of the workshops are already full, but we had planned to add further Nottingham and Northampton workshops later in the year. For now we have not added those dates.  We have secured some funding from Wales so using that money we will be delivering one in Cardiff in July (again not yet confirmed).

Northampton (full) was set for May and Derby (June) but both are likely to be postponed or moved back to allow us to slot the Nottingham one back into the first workshop. 

If any of those locations are suitable and you want to be added to a notification list the best thing to do is shoot Zoe an email or give her a call (details on page above).

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