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OCD Article in "Bristol Cable" Newspaper: OCD in a Global Health Crisis

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Hello All

I hope that everyone is well.  

I just picked this up at work and wanted to share with everyone.  An article on living with OC spectrum disorders during the continuing health situation.  This appeared today in the "Bristol Cable".  The Cable is a left(ish) community newspaper operated by a workers' co-operative.  It is owned by around 1300 Co-operative shareholders and is designed to hold the city to account.  The paper is distributed locally free of charge through community centres, libraries, record and bookstores, vegan and health food shops and the like.  It has quite a good reputation for dealing sympathetically and in some detail with mental health issues:  


I hope you find the article of interest.

Stay well.

Tez ☺️

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Thanks mate.  Yes, it's good when the media get it right.  The "alternative press" tends to do it a bit better - tabloids are the ones you gotta watch.  

Funnily enough, the "Bristol Cable" has launched a series of articles on mental health provision.  They are quite hard hitting about the NHS use of private facilities.  I understand what they are trying to do - there *should* be good NHS provision for all people with mental health issues with decent in and out patient facilities.  But personally, I thought that their criticisms of the Priory Group were unfair.  I turned to the Priory when the NHS would not offer a good service (this is a long time ago) and found their staff and services to be extremely sensitive and kind.  

Take care and best wishes

Tez 🙂

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