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brain in hand - independence support app

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Does anyone know anything about Brain in Hand app - see   https://braininhand.co.uk/   - it is '"a   professional digital support system which helps people with making decisions, managing anxiety, and dealing with unexpected situations. " 

I wonder if it is helpful for those with OCD ? It  certainly seems to tick the boxes for things I know  my son who suffers OCD and the other son who has GAD struggle with . 

I often end up being the support to my sons that this app seems to provide .... and as I am not getting any younger I am naturally keen to see what there is that can  replace me! And help my sons be independent! Sooner hopefully  .... x fingers.!! 


many thanks   

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I've used an app before that included exercises (not physical!), a diary function and reading material based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques.  I seem to remember human support was available, although the person who answered was in the US, and some of the things she said weren't really relevant to UK life and culture. That was for general anxiety, not specifically OCD. I imagine they can be some use, but I found that once I'd seem much of the material on offer, I stopped getting much out of it. It might be best to find some reviews posted online independently by users.

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