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I've landed here as I'm frustrated with the system and don't know where to go! 

*'**very long and possible trigger***

I've been suffering on and off with Ocd in varying degrees of severity for the past 25 years...I tend to get bad... Have some sort of CBT/therapy and then get better and then 5 or so years later it creeps up on me again and I repeat the cycle. My last lot of therapy was really good... Unfortunately about 10 years later after a stressful period it has snuck back in... All techniques I've learnt and try to use the 'OCD' suddenly has a reason why they no longer work. Ive tried to work it out myself for the past 3 years... Refusing to give in, but that failed and I gradually got worse. I am now at the point where I'm adding probably 2-3 hrs to my day with avoiding things/washing etc. I cant function normally and live in a very small part of my house where it feels clean and safe. I cant go out without considering every option and possible scenario and how I would handle it. I've not let Anyone in my house for thr last 2 years and am now living in a house that drastically needs a roof fixing etc. I went to the doctor who told me to self refer to the local cbt charity... Which I did... 10 online sessions later (Im a little better but no great improvment) and I'm told 'that's it, times up'... The therapist tried his best but he just didn't know as much about Ocd as I did and my OCD brain had an answer to all his techniques! I was then referred to Cmht... 3 months later they get in touch (I've got gradually worse in this time) and asked me a few questions and referred me again to a primary care facility for Ocd. I explained that the times before that I had had sucessful treatment it had been secondary care with a psychologist but apparently didn't meet threshold now... Despite the fact it affects all aspects of my life. I'm now stuck... I need help and dont know where to turn... I feel like im going round in circles and gradually getting worse... Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

Yours (appreciative but frustrated by NHS) 


Buttonheart x

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Hi Buttonheart,

I'm sorry to hear how hard things are at the moment and how frustrating your experiences with the NHS have been. I'm assuming that your local CMHT have suggested you go back to IAPT, is that correct? This is a good and a bad thing. IAPT typically have much shorter waiting times than your CMHT, however, they may have less experience dealing with OCD (although this depends) and only offer shorter term CBT.

You have a couple of options. You could self-refer back to IAPT, try a course with them and if you are no better then ask them to refer you to the CMHT stating that they have helped you as much as they can. You could alternatively look to see if there is another IAPT locally that you could try.

Gemma :)



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