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I'm currently battling with knowing that my OCD is completely irrational and getting on with my day or  being consumed by it. I can have hours or days that I can put it in perspective and then completely consumed by it.

I think I've hit my lowest with my OCD. I started to have health anxiety and have medical examinations/tests knowing that nothing is actually wrong but also overcome with OCD and needing the reassurance of a Doctor telling me everything is okay. I know it's OCD and it's a waste of everyone's time and NHS time but the anxiety and worry is unreal at times. Anyone else feel like this or just me?

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Here is a helpful thing I have done for myself sometimes know one seems to understand which is why you have to turn to the initial maker of you .. Pray and Get closer to God. That's how I got here and yes I have my work going on and less that time to worry about too

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