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  1. Can't say I've ever heard of this before because as you say it does sound like a seizure of some kind. I know if I become suddenly stressed by something it's almost like i go into an almost delayed kind of shock. I feel like 'i'm sinking into myself' if that makes sense? Everything around me seems to go a bit distant like sounds become quieter, vision goes blurry, you don't really have any kind of attention span and everything feels like a bit of a blur. Though I imagine this is just a normal response to stress.
  2. Yeah just to confirm...I also do this, though not all the time... Sometimes I go ghostly white others I flush bright red.
  3. Hi all, Hope this doesn't sound too strange a question..but does anyone else find if they are having an obsession and then get hot the obsession gets worse? I've noticed this is for years with both obsessions but also with depression. I like a hot bath to relax but if I'm in in the midst of either of those I have to make it a quick one because for some reason heat makes them 10x worse...only temporarily though as soon as I cool down it gets better, well goes back to what it was like before been in a hot bath.
  4. Hi Lily, Yeah I also count things in my head. Especially street lights for some reason. Like each street light equals 3...the length of the light is 1 the length at the top that holds the light is 2 and the light itself is 3. Daft I know but I've always done it and I'll count them till I reach a 'solid' number... That could be 15 or 30 or 500 lol
  5. Thanks for replying people. Ashley I'd love to think being OCD free were possible but I feel as if the older I get the worse the obsessions become. Though I must admit to becoming somewhat wiser about dealing with them. I've realised you simply cannot reason with them that's for sure all it will throw up in return to any mental argument is "yeah...but what if" and then you get caught in an endless cycle of futile ruminations. I've also realised the importance of keeping myself as healthy as possible... Alcohol, lack of sleep (especially lack of sleep) stress, illness always seem to
  6. Hi all. Been a while since I've been on here so hope you are all coping. I just wondered does anyone ever look back at their childhood and think 'maybe I was always destined to end up this way?' I ask because I was looking for clues on my own that may of suggested I was going to end up this way and I remember a really random yet terrifying fear I used to have about getting diarrhea. When I did get it I was filled with the fear of god..like I was fatally ill. I also remember a boy in my class got it once..just once and I spent the next 6 years avoiding him! On break times I wou
  7. Hey guys and girls, i haven't been on here in ages since my mind has been thankfully quite quiet for months. But i can feel the obsessions slowly returning and it's scaring the hell out me worrying about how bad it 'might' get. i've had the occasional intrusive thought usually when handling cutlery i get horrendous images that tbh i cannot even bring myself to write down. But my main worry at the moment is the fear of my boiler exploding. Everytime it's on i get at least one sudden and random image of a loud bang and a massive wall of fire engulfing my flat, like i can actually visualise it h
  8. Hey all, For about the last 8-9 months I've been feeling pretty fine. Hardly any intrusive thoughts at all and even the ones that I did get were actually manageable. But as of late they are slowly coming back. The other week I was out walking with my friend and I kept getting these, what I can only describe as, urges, to kiss her. Not in an affectionate way. It was a bit weird and a bit unnerving but I managed to get thru it. Today I went for a walk with my dad along the beach and the pier and I started getting thoughts of jumping off the pier and then throwing my dad off as well. I've been
  9. Alright mate, I can sympathise with that. Sometimes if I'm relaxed or having a good time I feel like I'm forgetting something. I remember once a while ago I'd felt relaxed for weeks with no obsessions or anything and then I actually started to worry that my body was relaxing too much and thought it would just...shut down or something. Which is ridiculous but of course it got me back to my normal anxious state.
  10. Thanks for the reply mate. I actually chuckled when you said if you won the lottery you would leave when winter comes because I've said the EXACT same thing to my family for years, that If I won the lottery I would never see winter ever again. I've tried vitamin D tablets and cod liver oil tablets (the cod liver oil did actually help a little.) and I know they're bad for you but I do tend to use sunbeds during the winter, not so much for the tanning (though that is a plus) but because I always feel better when I come out, I dunno if this is because of the vitamin D your skin makes when expo
  11. Hey all, I'm starting to get really anxious now that the days are getting shorter. I had a really rough time from about December last year till May this year and gradually all my anxieties started to fade away or became bearable. I even felt blessed because I was going weeks at a time with little to no obsessions at all it was such a relief and I even managed to put some weight on (which I find hard to do as it falls off me very quickly when I'm down.) But I'm getting down about the prospect of constant dark nights for the next 5-6 months and I'm worried I won''t be able to cope when the obs
  12. Hi all, Hope you's are all well. I just wondered if anyone has had any success with cod liver oil? I've been taking 1000mg capsules (1 a day) for the past week and I've had little to no intrusive thoughts what so ever and my mood has been really good too I've also quit my 10-15 cups of tea a day in exchange for the caffeine free rooibos tea so I dunno if it's the cod liver oil, the lack of caffeine or a combination of both but it's working (for the time being)
  13. I've been worrying a lot lately about how my 'condition' seems to be getting worse and how that may effect my future. I'm 24 and have only had my own home for just over a year, I work full time and live with my younger brother (he's 20) and is currently out of work. I'm finding work extremely difficult because I can't go a single day without spending at least an hour or two having horrible obsessive thoughts whilst there. I've had quite a lot of time off over the last year and had numerous disciplinarys because of it and I'm beginning to find working full time unbearable. I know if I asked an
  14. After days of being stuck in what I can only describe as a mental hell,the current obsession seems to of suddenly stopped, I know this is probably only a temporary thing and I'm worried it's going to come back at any second because to be honest it was an awful obsession (well they all are aren't they.) Do other people experience this? Brief moments when their obsessions suddenly disappear? Thanks, Stuy
  15. Does anyone else think that the recent Channel 4 series, Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, is in a way exploiting people with OCD? I know those who took part obviously chose to take part but I just couldn't get over the idea that these people were in someway being exploited for the sake of some second rate listings filler. And not to mention the fact that once again OCD was potrayed as some kind of funny little eccentricity. Has their been any complaints made (and actually how do you make a complaint to Channel 4?) Also remember briefly seeing something on here a while ago about some more docum
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