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  1. Thank you all for replying to me , I keep saying things like Jesus is coming soon over and over its kinda comforting me My husband isnt here at the moment he looking after my mums pets as she away for a few days my sister is here with me she getting ****** off with me my sister cant look after the pets because my mum and sister fell out he back on monday
  2. hi i have ocd Religious OCD and harm OCD i think i also have transgender OCD ...i am Christian for sometime i have been i felt that i was transgender Non Binary i have done nothing to change my sex and i have not taking hormones etc ( am born female ) but with my religion i feel like am going to go to hell for being trans my niece who is 21 thinks i have the mental age of 15 or maybe younger ( am 40 ) i am very scared that i am doing things that will make me go to hell i also have blasphemous etc i dont think am trans am scared am going to go to hell for doing what av been doing
  3. its an actual voice my dr knows i hear voices am on medication for it
  4. I think i have OCD because i have obssestive thoughts and am handwashing a lot and cleaning i also hear voices that tell me to do things like self injure or overdose The thoughts am having at the moment is about the end of the world am scared it going to happen it upsets me so much that i would rather die that face it anbd am scared for people Its gotten to the point where i cant read the news or go on posts on forums about the world ending the voices told me to cut or its going to happen and its will be my fault if it does am so scared i dont know what to do i dont have a threapist and i have never told my dr about my OCD
  5. hi my name is Ella am 35 from Scotland married to my husband and i have two cats I think i have OCD and i have other mental health problems thought i should say hello
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