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  1. OceanDweller, I was disturbed by the message but I did't send it to anyone else. It's difficult but we need to have courage. Thank you for answering
  2. Hello again, Yesterday I received one of those chain messages. Basically I had to send that message to 20 people, otherwise horrific things would happen. I'm sure you know what kind of messages I'm talking about. For people who don't suffer from ocd it is annoying. But for ocd sufferers it's different. I would like to know what do you think about this? Thank you
  3. Thanks Taurean. I will try to find a course in my area. Thanks for replying All the best
  4. Hi, again On my previous post I was (and still am) desperate. But I've also been reading a lot about mindfullness based CBT. I don't know if any of you have tried this. But the other day I gave it a try and I felt better. It's not easy especially for a begginer like me. Has anyone tried mindfullness to cope with ocd?
  5. I know exactly what you mean. If I'm afraid of getting sick why overdose on benzodiazepines? The thing is I'm not afraid of closing my eyes and die. I'm afraid of the 'state' of being ill. Like cancer, I'm afraid of the treatments side effects. Yes CBT is available in Portugal but there's still a lot to be done in that field... Thank you for answering
  6. PolarBear, my psychologist uses CBT, but for some reason i don't think he's helping me... Sometimes he does help other times it seems that I'm speaking to a wall...
  7. Hi, I'm not very active here. And sorry for my english. I'm portuguese. The thing is, I'm desperate. I suffer mainly from health ocd. I have a psycologist and psychiatrist. A week ago I had a mammogram and they detected something which is probably benign. But I think its cancer. Then i saw a strange mole and i think its cancer. Then throat cancer, than bowel cancer. Yesterday i took a lot of benzodiazepines because i can't live anymore with Ocd... please, someone, help
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