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  1. thanks for the reply and yeah that's what I have been trying I know that trying to reassure will only make it worse like you said it's the going over and over in my head that is annoying.
  2. thanks for the reply? recently it hasn't been to bad because I have not been constantly thinking about it I've mainly been having intrusive thought so I not focused in that at the min.
  3. I have been having thoughts that I am gay knowing I'm not and lately it's got so bad that it feels like I have convinced myself that I am but I'm not, like I will think about something to do with it and I feel no fear of it however it's causing me so much pain. I've tried saying to myself every tme I have a thought " so what If I were gay it's no big deal" I'm not sure if that a good thing to do or not but it's starting to feel like I've convinced myself I'm gay but I'm not and I just feel my libido and gone lately and advice?
  4. as soon as I leave my house all I am thinking about is needing to pee i have been to the doctors and nothing seems wrong I won't think about it when I'm home because I know there is a toilet just would like to know if anyone knows any ways to help cope/prevent these thoughts. thanks
  5. Brennan

    Intrusive thoughts

    depending on the thoughts the worst thing to so is to try and push them away just except the thought and don't try to avoid it because it will only make it worse it's like me saying don't think about a banana you make yourself think about it and the more you think the worse it get also what sort of thoughts are they of you don't mind me asking.
  6. thanks for the reply yeah at the minute I have this weird feeling like going from suddenly panicking about the thought to then not caring like I'm ok with it that also is messing with my head and yeah hopefully the doctor can get me some help
  7. thanks for the reply I am not at the minute but definitely hope too this is horibble I have a doctor's appointment in a couple of days
  8. from a young age I have suffered from anxiety like at the age of 7 things like worrying about death but I have got over that now I know that it happens and there is nothing I can do so I don't bother worrying about that anymore so my anxiety calmed for a while and then when I was around 14 I had this randomly come up I think it was when somone said "are you gay or something" because I was messing about with my friend fighting so probably around 2 weeks passed but didn't think about it at the time but then something else happend I can't remember exactly but It made me think wait what if I'm gay? knowing im not and I'm straight and then 2 months went by of this and it just went. recently i have been under a lot of stress/anxiety because I have been ill lately worrying a lot etc so I think this may have been caused by just a lot of stress and I cracked and now I have these thoughts again I am walking down the road etc looking at men like I never had before thinking "your a good looking guy" then thinking "I'm gay" then saying in my head no im not I know 100% I'm straight and it's like 50%of my brain is the horrible thoughts and the other 50% is just normal me and its really messing with my head. I am now at the point where I just don't know what's normal and my head just hurts like when your trying to concentrate but you can't it's like that feeling and I have spoke to my mum about it because thats what helped me when I had anxiety and I have a doctor's appointment so from now it's just trying to cope and it's like I'm just looking at men differently like anylising them trying to see wether im atracted to them knowing in my head that I'm not and I get this weird felling like I'm attracted to them knowing I'm not and now when I look at women I don't feel as attracted to them as I used to be like my sex drive has just dropped massively in comparison to how it used to be any advice would be great but it all feels so horrible and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone
  9. Brennan

    Ocd makes me not want sex

    I am 16 and suffering with hocd however it's questioning wether im gay even know i know I'm not but it's getting to the point where it is affecting my life and needs to be sorted I have had this before when I was like 13/14 and it lasted for around 1/2 months and when, when it went all I would think about is women etc never ever felt atracted to a guy sexually etc allways liked women but i have had anxiety really bad before and have seen a psychiatrist before so I know the best thing to do is to talk so someone so I mentioned it to mum and she has got me an appoimtment for the doctors so I'm going to get sorted but I 100% understand how you feel it's not the same thing but can understand it. because it's getting to me so much I'm just looking at women now and it's not like it used to be I'm now just looking saying "oh it's a women" I will check her out etc but it's not as strong as it used to be and it's like 50% of my brain is not me and the other side is me and its just questioning it all all the time also what you could try is when having sex just lay back and close you eyes and just think about nothing just breath in and out and just try to be as calm as possible it might help but I'm not a doctor so I don't know but allways worth a try.