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  1. Totally hear you in this, the urge to confess every details, the relief it brings, then the increased anxiety later on. It’s so hard as ocd makes you feel guilty for not confessing every minute thing but it really is just reassurance seeking, you’re right to resist it if you can. But if you stuff up and end up confessing anyway, just be sure to acknowledge it for what it is, l’ve just done a compulsion, you got me this time ocd but next time I’ll be stronger. Take care x
  2. Gosh what an ordeal you have been through. Thanks for sharing, really great to hear your story and your progress :)
  3. I definitely had a worsening of symptoms when I moved from 20 to 30 then after 10 days it subsided so I’d give it another week if you can.
  4. And for anyone trying fluoxetine it really can take a while to kick in and it’s worth considering adjusting your dose if it’s not working for you after several weeks.
  5. Just wanted to update incase anyone was reading this. So I stuck with the fluoxetine in the end and exactly 9 weeks after starting and 2 weeks after increasing the dose to 30mg, it finally kicked in. Such a relief! I stopped the lorazepam without any issues at all and have now done 3 sessions of therapy which is going well. I honestly feel almost back to my old self but will stick with the therapy. Thanks for all the support when I really needed it.
  6. I do a lot of exercise by the way lol. A lot! It helps in the moment and for 30 mins afterwards but doesn’t stop the obsessions. That’s my experience anyway
  7. I think also when you treat he anxiety medically the intrusive thoughts decrease with the reduction in anxiety. For me anyway. I should add I increased from 20mg to 30mg of fluoxetine a week ago so that may be impacting on how bad I’ve been feeling. Still in two minds about what to do. I might just give it until the weekend 🙄
  8. Good advice thankyou. It was brainlock that helped me most last time along with the meds but neither seem to be helping much at the moment. I’ve only had one session so not a lot of homework set yet, just relabelling, accepting and refocusing. I’ve been doing my own exposures but again don’t seem to be moving on from crippling anxiety. I feel exhausted, not sleeping well at all and depression is creeping in. I have another session tomorrow so hopefully that will help. I’ve restarted yoga and have just done a 4 week mindfulness course so I feel I’m working really hard but not getting anywhere. It’s the anxiety that is the worst part for me, I know they are stupid thoughts and know to agree with them which I can do in the moment (most of the time) but then there is just this generalised and constant anxiety 🙄 I just feel like the meds should be doing something rather than nothing. I’ve been given quetiapine and zopiclone for sleep but each have only given 2-4 each on a bad night, have a new one to try tonight as I’m not taking quetiapine again, I feel it’s made me worse particularly in the mornings.
  9. Thanks so much for this, I really appreciate you taking the time, so lovely of you. That does make me feel a bit better about the switch. I know when Prozac worked for me last time I felt a lot better by this time and certainly not worse so yes I think it’s right to switch also ocd is making me doubt.
  10. I’ve actually been doing this on my phone which is why I know I’m having a lot more bad days than I was, hence I’m thinking of stopping the Prozac as my doc has suggested, but she’s not an ocd specialist so I’m not sure that’s the right thing (it’s been 8 weeks). As I said on my new thread scared to stop and change and scared to carry on with them.
  11. Sorry to post another question about medication. I’ve been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks, increased from 20mg to 30mg just over a week ago. The thing is over the past month I’ve had way more bad days than good days, I feel it’s not working for me this time and my GP wants me to stop abruptly and start taking escitalopram 7 days after stopping. I’m not sure how much more anxiety I can take so now I’m scared to continue and scared to stop. I’ve recently started therapy so will discuss there also but what you you guys think? Have I given it long enough as my gp seems to think? The only days I have good days is when I’ve taken 0.5mg lorazepam in the morning. I know this is not good but I need to be able to function for my daughter. I am taking it more days than I would like but it seems to be he only thing getting me through at the moment. My gp isn’t concerned about addiction saying we can taper when an antidepressant actually starts working for me. I’m obviously concerned about addiction but I’m only taking 0.5 when take it when she said I can take up to 4 x that amount. I am not sleeping well and have no appetite due to anxiety. Anyway, what are your thoughts on the fluoxetine, surely I should be noticing a little improvement by 8 weeks?
  12. All of the above unfortunately! Yesterday was a good day but today not so much. Gonna try and refocus on something else, like work
  13. Thanks, I’ve been on fluoxetine for 8 weeks now but although I thought it was working at first I’m feeling worse. My gp has told me to stop it today and start escitaloptam in 7 days. I really don’t know what to do. Scared to stop and scared to carry on as I’m sure last time I was feeling better by 8 weeks not worse. I’ve had some really bad days recently.
  14. Thanks so much. It’s been very up and down since my appointment, lots of paranoia about what he thinks of me, what he’s written about me in his notes, what he will do with that information etc etc but I’ll be going back again in Thursday and will tell him all about those thoughts, as they actually sent me into a tail spin on Sunday 😱 I’ve calmed down a bit now though.
  15. Thanks, doubts and anxiety creeping in already but I will relabel, accept and refocus 🙄
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