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  1. This might sound crazy but I think im connecting the dots. As the title reads misophonia and misokinesia does anybody have any experience with this. I believe I also have this and have read that it relates to OCD. The reason I know i suffer with misophonia is because I havent slept in the same bedas my partner for the past 5 years. She doesnt snore but heavy breaths and it just turns me into an evil person. I have tried staying in the same bed but im just on edge waitng and anticipating the breathing to start. Im kind of listen out for it and as soon as I hear it no matter ho
  2. Ultimately you need to stop doing what your doing and just deal with it. I know that sounds harsh but its the only way to improving. Should take you no longer than 15-30 seconds, maybe in your case allow yourself a minute then you must stop and walk away. I understand this will be extremely difficult but this is the only way to overcome it. Personally there is no other advice you can be told to help the situation. What you need to understand is nothing bad is going to happen if you do this, just sit with the uncertainty and things will get better.
  3. You got an image I got a feeling/thought. I question why this feeling doesnt go away if it wernt true because ive never experience anything like this before. I have or the OCD has convinced me that it is true because why would I be feeling like this so then i go looking for proof and evidence. I never find any but i honestly believe if someone could say 100% I have nothing to worry about and that I have done nothing wrong it would eventually creep back in and I would be back at where i started.
  4. Nope mine is based on an actual event. I remember it like yesterday but im convinced its more than what it is but I dont know what it is of that makes sense. What i have learnt is not every scenario is the same, just because mine is slightly different to yours its still ocd.
  5. For a second then I thought I had written this. You have just described exactly what I have been going through for the past 17 months. Ive tried and tried to remeber what I have supposed to have done but there is nothing only the feelings of fear and guilt. Like you, i am now obsessing over the consequences of the police coming for me and my life being over. It had led to this because of my initial feeling/thought. So I hope this this has helped a little bit and that your not alone. Feel free to message me if you like and certainly listen to what polar bear says. He knows his stuff
  6. Hello, Had a call today saying i can attended CBT this friday. Ive been waiting over a year as I opted for face to face and not over the phone. Im nervous now about the subject of my problem and afaid of being judged. So what am i to expect at this session? Will she ask me what is wrong a will she already know from previous doctors reports? Is this the point in which i let everything and every detail out? I really dont know what to expect and afraid that she will think ive done what my thoughts and feelings have been telling for the past 17 months. Any advic
  7. Can ocd lead to Paranoia or is ocd Paranoia? If you have strong feelings that you have done something horribly wrong but dont know what the details are of it can this can this lead you down a rabbit hole of paranoia? Doesnt the non ocd person also think this way if so then surely this must not be ocd. A big question i have is it ocd when you believe in a thought or feeling you have had (that you have done something wrong, triggered by something) and then pay attention to that thought and then it leads you to you catastrophizing what outcomes it will have. All of them negative
  8. But what if your all wrong and this is not ocd and im here only to convince you and myself that i havent done anything wrong but really have? What if im the only one ever to actually believe this is ocd for it to turn out to be true? This is my worry. I know you all say move on but the nature of my problem is too strong and overwhelming to let go. Im in constant panic and waiting for a knock on the door. So you can probably see why i want to find facts on the given subject to try and prove i have done nothing wrong. Is this normal? There is a part of me that says lets i
  9. Also forgot to mention as i feel i believe i have done something wrong why am i trying to prove that i havent? For example i feel i have seen/acessed something taboo online, something horrible. I have no memory of it just this feeling of fear and worry. It possessed me. I feel i need to know how accessible this stuff is on the public internet in order to prove i have not done such thing. I feel i need to see what my phone company has in place to stop such viewings. Ive heard of the dark web, havent got a clue what or where it is and have been told its there. This again is reassurance but its l
  10. Hi Caramoole, It probably is the OCD (if OCD does do this) its just im nit sure and wanted to know if it does. I was scared to write this post as i didnt want it to be taken in the wrong way and i feel this is the only place where peoplemay understand. I understand its a reassurance thing but I dont know if its me wanted to know or the OCD if that makes sense. Just ever since my breakdown/panic attack/fear attack/episode its has made me look at these situations as wrong. Another thing that really confuse me is I dont know what i experienced e when this happened in 2019,
  11. Hello, I didn't want to start a new thread and waste peoples time but I got a burning question to ask and its bothering me. If you have read my story then you know ive been suffering for some time. So here goes - ever since my episode i feel really uncomfortable and feel awkward. For example when taking my little w girl to the park and there is other kids there and i happen to glance in an area and make eye contact i feel awful like ive done something wrong. If there is kids dancing on telly, i feel it really uncomfortable to watch. Also feel wrong in saying that a little gir
  12. Is trying to remeber an event that might not have never happened and most likely didnt relate to OCD? So having a feeling/thought of wrong doing, convincing me that I have done this horrible thing and trying to remember the exact detials of what i supposed to have done. So even if you have never done this thing you feelings are telling you, can OCD make you feel this way?
  13. So glad to read this today. Can the thoughts be that you think you have done something horrible opposed to thinking you might do something horrible? Thank you
  14. Will try keep this short as possible. Ive been going through a horrible time for over a year and im trying to think why this happened to me. My life was great before i had this feeling/thought that ive done something such taboo. Then i had my first ever fear attach and i havent been the same since. So why did this happen at this time? When this happened i was away from my pregnant girlfriend on a weekend s pensioners trip with my father. The hotel was dirty and my room was really bad. Had to lay towels on the floor and bed as the carpet was disgusting. I didnt want to be there in t
  15. I dont know where id be without the support from this forum. Thank you all. I will march on 😊
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