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  1. Oh wow. That sounds so amazing! I'm just at the start of my recovery...have had 4 high intensity CBT sessions and have spent hour upon hour reading a wide range of books and information on the internet. I am in my late 40's and have worked out my OCD began when I was just 7 years old! Do you think I may find peace? My problem is with contamination OCD and the Covid situation has made me so ill that I am not off work on the sick! I'm just not sure how I can beat my OCD with covid ever present. My obsessions and compulsions seem more justified than ever! It's destroying my life - finances, time, relationships with family etc, etc. My doctor has prescribed me SSRI's but I am reluctant to take them. Any advice would be great. Thanks.
  2. Yes they do! I'm still unsure of what will happen. Going to decide nearer the time. My parents want myself, husband and two children for Christmas lunch as always but I'm scared one of us could pass it to them! My brother and his 10 year old daughter are planning on coming along later but we've said not his wife and two teenage children as too many for the house as can't spread out. This sounds awful but they are nurses and work in hospital/care homes so risky. They have all had covid. My brother had it so bad that he ended up in intensive care on a ventilator and now has long covid. He is back at work in a hospital but gets tested a couple of times a week as people at work dropping like flies with covid! There are cases at my children's school too. This is horrible!
  3. Yes...I'm sticking with the CBT. However, I am now causing a nightmare with my extended family, dictating the bubble thing as want to keep everyone safe. I think I'm just going to have to let everyone do as they wish and stay home on Christmas day and boxing day myself! Then again... if I'm not there how can I ensure they wash their hands and keep a safe distance apart. Nightmare!
  4. That's a good point! Thanks for making me think of it that way.
  5. It's good to know that you haven't had side effects and are feeling a little better although a shame only slightly.I have read it can take up to 12 weeks to get full effect so let us know how you get on. I'm still on the fence.
  6. Thanks. I'm still thinking about pros and cons. You're right, self help books can be very good.
  7. Oh no! I guess I'm lucky (and unlucky) as was assessed as needing high level intensity CBT so haven't had to wait too long. I would contact them again or your doctor to see if they can do anything. I've read that the tablets can cause sleeping problems but I have't taken them yet so can't say from personal experience. Hope you can have CBT soon. I've found reading the book 'Break Free from OCD - Overcoming OCD with CBT' very informative and has helped me while waiting for my first CBT appointment. I'm also not working through the workbook 'The Beating OCD workbook' by Dr S Fitzgerald. My CBT therapist said that CBT is all about educating ourselves on how to be our own therapists. I've also bought a sleep band with built in earphones so can fall asleep listening to relaxation app which I have found better than the TV as need something to distract my mind. Just a thought.
  8. Thanks. I have spoken to my doctor tonight who thinks I should give them a go...still thinking about it!
  9. Hi Tiger297, Thanks for your advice. Did the medicine make you worse mentally as that's my fear. I have good and bad days but I am not depressed...just incredibly anxious. ( I also have generalised anxiety disorder).I do find things to do I enjoy and can feel quite happy! I'm scared, taking medication, that I'll be robbed of these happy times eg lying in bath with my candles, lovely scented bubbles, a good book and a glass of wine! This makes me feel great...would hate it to become JUST having a bath! This forum is helping me a lot so thank you.
  10. Hi Hdigtts, I feel a bit flat to be honest. I thought lots of things I'm struggling with would addressed but I guess there are so many that the CBT therapist is right to make me just focus on a few. I feel like this is going to take YEARS and I'll never fully manage it. Was feeling positive and on a roll but now disheartened. I don't blame CBT therapist....I've asked her about her experience with OCD etc...just think I was expecting too much too soon.
  11. Thank you. Think I'll wait a bit before taking it as apprehensive about it. Scared it will stop me feeling moments of joy although less anxiety would be good.
  12. Hi Tiger297, Thanks for sharing your experience. I've just had my first CBT telephone appointment. I think I'm going to give that a go first. My doctor is calling me tomorrow so will have a chat with her about it. I'm scared about the side effects especially as they say they are worse for first few weeks - don't want them over Christmas as need to enjoy that time! I'm glad you realised you didn't need the medicine.
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