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    I'm a student in my mid to late twenties currently studying my undergraduate at university. I've suffered from contamination OCD and loneliness for half my life, as a result of growing up through social care services during my adolescences.

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  1. Hi Sibh I've been through the same thing! Prozac affected my metabolism and led to put on 2 stone in the space of two/three months. It's been 2 years/3 years with Lockdown and has really affected my self confidence when it comes to exercise, relationships and sex. My brother also had the same problem and started taking L-Theanine + Curcumin 95 of Amazon. Being the same blood/DNA as my brother I found it also helped me. You being in Ireland will be able to access this in the EU much more easier due to the aftermath of Brexit. You're Celtic friend,
  2. Hi, just wanted to give this a bump in case there was anyone else out there! Stay strong!
  3. Sometimes medication can also change how you feel and experiences especially if you've not long started. When I was on medication my symptoms got worse and it felt like everything/everyone was in slow motion. Dentistry is cool! Feel free to message me at any time.
  4. I am also at University^ What you studying?
  5. I am also at University^ What you studying?
  6. It's never too late! Well done finishing uni^ I'm just doing my Undergraduate.
  7. I would just want/expect to be treated (with respect) the way I would treat others! I feel for girls they don't have to deal with consequences, as to them there's lots of options/freedom regarding sex/possible partners whereas with a male sufferer, you're always hopping someone will accept you + understand. I’ve never had anyone who loves me. That would want to help/support me with my OCD or anxiety. I am a really good + nice person. Even now with Lockdown 3.0 being a young 20 something male in a pandemic, no one offers to be my support bubble. I feel I offer support + compassion to problems females go through but don’t get the same support in return. ? I feel cultural changes i.e feminine/gender voices have contributed to this. (Shouldn't mean you walk-over/discard the 'ill' because they can).
  8. Also just wanted to say for anyone reading this^ My brother who also has OCD recently found love overseas with someone online and that in case anyone was reading this alone in the pandemic to remember that Your Success is My Success and My Success is Your Success. We all know what living with OCD is like. Let’s Connect and be there for each other!
  9. Hey, Thanks so much for reaching out! I feel you. The Student Room is good but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by some of the posts! Makes me feel anxious and lost. This pandemic has made me realise we do all need someone in our life, if not a friend.
  10. I’m going to write about something that has destroyed me! As a male I tried to date other women and confined in the difficulties that I have faced within my life along with the fact that I also suffer with OCD which needs to appreciated when establishing a relationship/connection with someone. Which does make me feel ‘less comfortable’ and to a lesser degree ‘less confident’ when it comes to having sex. The times I have took the time to confine in my vulnerability/struggles to women with a view of having sex/dating. Women have dismissed it as ‘he doesn’t want to have sex’ or ‘he’s not able to satisfy my need’ so she goes and sleeps with someone else. I don’t know that many women in my life and don’t have the relationships for childhood that I can just go back too who would be familiar with me or the concept of OCD so when it comes to dating.. I’m always meeting someone knew with no previous understanding of the condition whilst also trying to find the honesty of someone who would be willing to take the time and effort with me to understand/help me feel less anxious. (To enable us to have sex). Only they don’t or aren’t prepared to wait/try to make me feel comfortable enough which I as a guy would take the time to do with them. ? At the same time when I have confined to another female OCD sufferer about this with a view to having sex (thinking they would understand the struggles of OCD). They say they don’t have any difficulty with that regard because rather than wait for someone to be close enough with them. They have frequent or regular sex with different men. It makes me feel male sufferers of OCD/Mental Health are not appreciated and therefore can not be open about issues when it comes to dating.
  11. I remember going through this 8 years ago! If you ever need to chat/advice feel free to PM
  12. Hi Berserk, I feel you! I've lived with the same problem for about 10 years. Overtime I have reduced my time, amount of gels I use although sometimes it still varies to more than I like. It's okay though as long as it's small steps and there is/has been progression. I'm sure you are doing the best you can to try to reduce your time! I also have some fears about open swimming or swimming in the sea, maybe you might share this? Feel free to connect if you would ever like to chat. paleandmorbid (contamination OCD)
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