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  1. Hi...just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar and has any suggestions as to how I can try and move forward. I am still struggling to come to terms with a break-up that happened over a year ago and I have ‘Just Right’ OCD. Although I’m trying to move forward with my life, every time that I try to have a ‘new start’ and wake up feeling more positive, the OCD has other plans and tells me all the reasons as to why the new start is not ‘perfect’ or ‘just right’ e.g. a towel is out of place or I’ve repeated something too many times. How will I ever be able to move forward i
  2. Hi @Just A, I’m so sorry that you feel this low. Please don’t give up - you clearly have a family who care about you and want to help you. Get some rest and take care of yourself. Help is available. You can get through this. Don’t let the ocd win. Much love, Sarah
  3. Thanks so much for your response @taurean It definitely made me think! I’m sure with lots of OCD sufferers, I know that nothing will happen if I think of a certain number or do something a certain number of times but it’s breaking that mindset. I did once fear that doing things 6, 13 or 26 times would cause harm to others but over the years, the ocd focus has changed and insists more on the need to have things ‘just right’. What does it matter if I thought of the number 26??!! I know that this is what I should be thinking but when it’s been ingrained in you for so long that
  4. Does anyone else suffer with ‘magical thinking’? I’ve convinced myself that I thought of the number 26 (one of the ‘ocd numbers’ I avoid) when I recently started a new phase/time in my life - I know can’t go back and ‘undo’ the thought. I feel it will forever haunt me. Does anyone know how best to overcome ‘magical thinking’...aside from seeking professional help?
  5. Hi @seb79, Similarly to @Handy, I found that taking photos of things allowed me to stop checking things. For example, one of my fears is leaving my hair straighteners on when I leave the house so I take a photo of them turned off and the plugs clearly away from the plug socket. That way, if I panic that they are still on when I've left the house, I can refer to the photo to check. I rarely do look at the photos though - they are there more for reassurance. Much love, Sarah
  6. Hi @malina, Thanks for responding. Yes, I have considered getting professional help. I would prefer to speak to someone face-to-face but obviously the pandemic is stopping us from doing that at the moment. I thought that maybe reaching out on this forum might be a good starting point and keep me going for the time being. Have you sought professional help? Was it useful? Sarah
  7. Never apologise for having OCD - it's not like we asked to have it!! Well done for keeping going! I know the feeling of just wanting to give up but we can't let it win! I watched a video today about learning to manage the OCD bully (or bully it back!) Being a teacher, this is obviously not something that I would normally suggest to my students ...but I think that we have let OCD win for too long! OCD wants us to keep doing the compulsions so how about saying 'No' - even for just 30 seconds...then maybe try to leave it for longer the next time - this might help severe the loop. I've tried
  8. Hi everyone, it's my first time posting on an OCD forum. I've kept my OCD hidden from most people for about 20 years now so to be talking about it to actual humans feels very strange! I am not medically diagnosed with OCD, but going by the symptoms, I believe that I have 'just right' OCD. Over the years, I have followed rules, and carried out rituals and routines to try to make my life easier. I also dislike the numbers 6, 13 and 26 and avoid doing things 6, 13 or 26 times, if possible. I am worried that if I do not follow a rule or perform a ritual correctly, or do something a certain nu
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