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  1. I have noticed a tendancy in doctors, to not criticise decisions made by other doctors and there could be several reasons for that(professional and legal). It might be the same with therapists. So it seems that they treat fear of radiation in the same way they treat contamination OCD in general. Although they must be well aware that there is a range of different types of contaminants and that some require a unique approach. I see many similarities in your situation to those experienced by Foreverobsessing. You both have had long term CBT(24 sessions if I remember right)) and have both had problems with the exposure. I wonder if your concerns about your exposure would be classed as PTSD. So she was offered EMDR and I think that can be seen as complimentary to the CBT. And I think that's how some other therapies can be viewed, as complimentary. I can also see how doing any research online into smoke alarms and Americium-241 can compound the problem. I think it's good that you can still discuss radiation, as therapists also try to get patients to rationalise the dangers in terms of risk assessment. So they and manufacturers point our that Americium-241 is a thousandth of the risk compared to natural background radiation. I think it might be good to try to address this idea 'that you have been irradiated' first, and then deal with your fear of radiation in general. What do you feel would be the best way forward for you?
  2. It's difficullt if you started with a fear of radiation, then this happened, and that also impacts on how you see therapists. Do you think some anger towards therapists is playing into that? It's like the therapist was just carrying out by the book exposure, but I can't see how that advisable, and I would have thought they could have come up with a better one. I'll have a read of a few papers on radiation OCD and it's treatment. I suppose I respect radioactive materials(as a natural resource), but I'm also wary of it. I'm still vaguely annoyed by a dentist who gave me a full mouth X-ray just to test his new equipment.
  3. Okay so what's done is done, forget that. It just doesn't make sense to do that sort of exposure. You won't have any physical damage, or it's very unlikely. It's these 'I'm irradiated' thoughts. So I'm assuming it was a registered therapist. How do you feel about therapists now. Or do you think another type of professional could help. There are specialists in all types of OCD(as I'm sure you know).
  4. @Robin43 Okay so why were you seeing an OCD therapist? Why did they ask you to do that? and Why would you do that? Sorry you've probably explained all this, but I only read your OP on an old thread. It just seems bizarre to ask you to do that.
  5. @Robin43How did this intractable obsessive thought about smoke detectors start? I can understand therapists recommending practicing exposure to harmless substances. But not with a radioactive source, because everyone should show a health conscious respect to some substances. So are therapists suggesting you cary out exposure to the 'idea of being irradiated'? In which case it would be a mental exercise, that could reduce the power of the idea and that could lead to acceptance.
  6. Do you think you are looking for ways not to move forward with your life? I'd just thought I'd share some simple lyrics, from Angel by First Aid Kit. 'I've been afraid all of my life Crippled with anxiety, shame and doubt And sometimes, sometimes I'd like to shout At the top of my lungs and just let it out What has that fear ever done for me, oh ooh ooh ooh But hold me back?'
  7. So I was just reading that PTSD and OCD is originally treated with CBT and if that doesn't work, they offer EMDR for PTSD because it doesn't require as much exposure. So it does sound like a good idea to do the EMDR and see if that helps the PTSD first. I imagine there must be some overlap of symptoms but maybe treating the PTSD will then make managing your OCD symptoms easier. What are the nature of your OCD symptoms? It does sound like there may be some overlap and that could be that they are both a response to the initial trauma.
  8. I apologise. I just thought this was interesting research but didn't know if there was a place to post it. It's only at the research and trials stage in UK so it's not really accessible.
  9. I just really meant that it would make your parents happy and proud if you got your life together. Also when you are less stressed you'll have a better relationship, and hey even help them out with some cash, once you find that job. You sound more balanced today. Good luck with the job hunt, make it happen.
  10. Hope you don't mind @Robin43 Just as a post script to this thread. There is some interesting research into fear itself and neuroscientists are carrying out experiments in VR labs where they can monitor people's physiological reactions when faced with something they fear. So they hope that this data can be used as part of the diagnosis process after listening to what patients say themselves. This research it is hoped will help with some mental disorders like; chronic anxieties, PTSD, depression, phobias, etc. I think this sort of reserach can help us to understand how different people react and how their thinking and emotional responses play out. But I'm also wondering if it has some ERP applications. The mind is very adept at suspending it's disbelief, and when the stimuli are visual, auditory and tactile stimulation it can react as if these scenarios are real. So I was wondering if someone was trying to use ERP, if a first step, or an alternative would be using a simulation, monitored in a laboratory. This is a introductory vid> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vJroGTmcyIQ&ab_channel=Seeker
  11. Just focus on where you want to be, and how you want to make your life better. If you start making more of a life for yourself then that will help your parents.
  12. Yes sorry if I was a bit blunt there. But it is good you are moving forward. I thought you were in Britian, where is it you imagine is so dangerous. Because that's what it is, imagination. It'll change your life if you get your own place. Put all this catastophising energy into making that happen.
  13. Your parents have a different view of their home to the one you have of it. The problem is you are determined to stay stuck in your particular parents/child dynamic. I understand your feelings towards construction workers. (I am living on a construction site, or it for at least the next two years!) But those are your own subjective views and that colours the way you view everything they do. So your parents aren't trying to do repairs themselves. That's their choice. Why don't you start living an independent life where you are in control. You would then mature in your thinking and see your parents in a different way. And I think this constant venting through threads is a compulsion.
  14. @Robin43 It would be interesting if you tried a few radical ideas, see if anything helps. Have you ever wanted to do something that would really heighten your fear levels; sky diving, swim with sharks, etc. I wonder if experiencing that real level of fear would reset your emotional and thinking responses. Put these current fears into perspective.
  15. Although in reality the only help we can offer is at the level of this being a virtual OCD group therapy session; support, reassurance and some understanding of what someone might be going through. All of which help of course, it's mutual support. And it often helps to know that others have similar problems and we are not alone in this. Those who are trained professionals and work with OCD patients obviously offer the real help. Although I wonder how many of those have experienced OCD thought patterns themselves.
  16. Yes I was wondering if you could accept it, live with it, but I can also see it is the center of your focus. It's possible considering what you've tried already that you might have to find something unique to you. Have you had any other OCD symptoms or major obsessions like this one, before? Maybe you need to find a new more healthy for you obsession, to and try to shift your focus. I heard an inspiring woman on the radio, described herslf as previously sad, lonely depressed, then accidently became a female wrestler. So finding something that empowered her completely changed her life, gave her focus.
  17. No problem, I value your insights. I know this is an OCD forum, but I wonder if seeing everything through a sort of OCD lens is slightly limiting. I just hope that Robin43 finds something that works for him. @Robin43 which other ways have you tried? and get back to us if you do find something that helps.
  18. @OB1UK I'd have to look into citalopram but it's used to maintain serotonin levels. As with any medications thay can take a while to work and you have to keep taking them to maintain those levels. Have you looked into how it works. It helps to have a detailed understanding. Yes it's a real problem getting help with mental health at any time. Sometimes you have to make it happen. I'm not sure this would work for everyone, but I went to the head of mental health services for the county, just conntacted her online. Next thing she's talking to me on phone and organised therapy. So it does help to be a bit pushy if you feel desperate. You're doing well just holding down a job and looking after your family.
  19. And what sort of help have you had so far? Was it a GP who prescribed Citalopram? Strangely enough they are experimenting, using special PC games, because they engage people and are immersive. As a way to reprogram younger people's minds with PTSD and ADHD disorders. Also the game world is a safe place and allows for some positive role play. There is a very good Ted talk by a neuroscientist talking about the mental benefits of gaming.
  20. I'm not sure what your therapy history is, but this sounds like something a psychaitrist might be best to help you with. What do you mean ' I accidently opened a portal'. How? I watched an interview with Dr Chris Timmerman yesterday and it sounds very simialr to some of the symptoms experienced in his trials.
  21. You may have to give us more information. How does your OCD affect you? How does your PTSD affect you? Have you been professionally diagnosed? Do you think there's some overlap or interaction between the two disorders? What are you doing, seeing a therapist, etc, to help you recover.
  22. No one was suggesting that hypnosis or hynotherapy was recommended for OCD. They can help with anxiety and stress. As robin43 is finding it hard to get past this idea that he is irradiated, and hasn't found his therapy so far useful. It's a possible way of dealing with that specific idea.
  23. Understood, you've already got a lot on. I believe that self education is the best it leads to unique thinking, I would read one book and that would lead to three others. At uni it just gave me more access to books through their library, but really I was just choosing subjects that interested me, some tutor recommends. Get back to us after Dr Chris Timmermann talk.
  24. You make some good points. Like the William Glasser quote. I read something similar but it was we remember about 30% of what we read and about 60% of what we read and write notes on. Two filing cases of notes later(nothing OCD abot that!).😀 I've learnt a lot form talking to other posters on here. I only know one person in real life with OCD. I mean we all know what treatments are on offer through NHS, but here it's people who understand OCD better than anyone. So it works on a different level. (I was wondering what your forum name referred to).
  25. @OB1UK As you find doing all this research helps and distracts you. Have you considered doing a degree?, (or a Masters/PHD if you already have). MP was saying that he was glad he waited until he was sixty before trying psilocybin, because he thought his mind was becoming more rigid in it's thinking. I think doing a degree later than when you are eighteen has a similar effect. That will totally focus your thinking away from your past.
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