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  1. Just remeber Summer its the OCD trying once again to trick you. As the others have said its perfectly normal to have crushes ,Try to acknowledge it as an OCD thought and bypass it. You have done so so well in your new job and fought through these last few weeks, dont let it beat you. You got this, remember Monday is the start of a fresh week. Keep fighting x
  2. I was a mature student in Liverpool University and all they could offer me was extensions on coursework and extra exam time,which I really benefitted from
  3. You should be so proud, just been on the zoom meeting and heared how well you got on, remember tomorrow is another day and you can do it . Well done x
  4. Hope you are feeling better today. Yesterday was a tough day for you but you made it through until the end and you should be so so proud of your achevement. Hopefully today you will feel a little more at ease as you are aware of your surroundings and yes you will feel anxious as it is new but dont let it win . Try to remember Hope is greater than the Fear.
  5. Hi Summer, youre doing great! you should be proud you went today keep fighting it lovely , im sure you can do it x
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