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  1. So this evening I was sat outside a shop waiting for my partner and I glanced across the street. There is a butchers and I noticed above it, a light was on in what looked like a flat. As soon as I saw it and thought about people living above a butchers I instantly thought "omg what if the ghosts of the animals from the butchers actually haunt the people upstairs. What if they haunt me from when I ate meat? Can that happen??" then I started to panic and figure out how I could protect myself. Now this isn't something I've ever heard anyone say before, but I do have harm obsessions and this seems to be in the same vein...does it seem that way?
  2. Thank you so much for your response. I do tend to always try and avoid things, as a first reaction. I'll certainly try and sit with it next time, and see if it takes the wind out of its sails.
  3. Has anyone else ever had an obsession caused by a TV show or film? My partner started watching A Handmaid's Tale and even though j avoided watching it myself, she started telling me the storyline and I feel like it's triggered thoughts in my head that's got me analysing stuff like...what if that really happened? What would I do in that situation, should I get stuff set up in case? I've asked to not talk about it anymore in case it gets worse but its frustrating me already.
  4. I've started to have some serious pain and health problems. I'm having to wait a few weeks to go back to the hospital for more tests. I definitely feel like my brain is whirring on overdrive and my obsessions are getting stronger.
  5. It wasn't that I was "sending" thoughts to the shopkeeper, more that I was replacing them in my head in case they could read them. Sounds similiar but it feels different to me. Maybe my bipolar does have an effect, it doesn't always feel easy to drawn divisive lines between that and OCD.
  6. Thank you, you're definitely right. Sometimes I do feel like I'm fixating too much on the obsessions and giving it too much time, I need to strengthen my diversion skills when it comes to what I focus on!
  7. Thank you so much for your response and taking the time to offer advice. I'm going to go shopping tomorrow and I'll have have chance to try this out; I'll try and keep the "whatever happens hapoens" mentality in mind before I go into the shop and see how I go. It just totally ruins my experience when it takes over.
  8. Hi all, so I just wondered if anyone can relate to any of this, or tell me if it could fit the framework of an obsession. So I started off thinking I'm a bad person, because of certain thoughts I kept having (harming strangers for no reason) which then sent me into analysing situations from my past where I felt like I could say it's proof I'm a horrible person. Then I became hyper aware of every interaction I had with people thinking "did I say that nicely? Did I sound horrible?". I recently went away for a week and suddenly felt the need to test myself to see if I can do bad things, or if I'm actually good. I got it into my head I had to shoplift, that would be a good test. The thing is, every time I walked into a shop I instantly felt that the shopkeeper could read my mind and knew what I was trying to do...so I had to try and put in "blocking" thoughts to distract them. Anyway, I didn't shoplift. I never have and I'd never want to because I know I'd feel endlessly guilty, but even though I didn't do it I couldn't decide if it's because I'm a good person or I'm just a chicken. Are these obsessions? Compulsions?
  9. Do you happen to have a Care Team? If you are assigned to someone like that would it be worth mentioning it to them, as I know sometimes they're able to do some work with family members as well as yourself to maybe try and get them to understand what they're doing to you.
  10. Omg really? I like the phrase ghost touching. It's worse in certain places like toilets or places my brain thinks are dirty. I can wash and disinfect my hands but I still feel like I've touched everything and be spreading it everywhere.
  11. I have this...I wasn't sure it was OCD either. I've also felt like (and this might not make sense) but if watch someone else touch something I can also feel like I've touched it 🤷🏻‍♀️
  12. When you say we'll and they're still there, is there any difference in the thoughts or your reaction? Are they less intense or make you less anxious?
  13. I'd be interested to know what response you get, this kind of thing really bugs me too. I recently wrote a blog post about the use of language like this and why its harmful. I did wonder though if maybe the owner might actually have OCD, but I don't think that makes it any better! Best of luck.
  14. Does anyone else here have these comorbid diagnoses? Did you find it hard at first to determine between symptoms and get a diagnosis for both? Interested to know if you anyone got one diagnosis before the other, or both at the same time
  15. I'm still trying to find techniques that work really well, but things that help a bit have been computer games because I have to think about it, and going to karate reaining because again I have to be present. Sometimes watching a film or TV show works but sometimes it doesn't, it depends how bad things are. I enjoy walking massively but unless I'm listening to music, it just sort of feels like the quiet is setting a stage for my thoughts to do a full-blown performance. Really enjoyed reading everyone else's ideas, I'm always trying more stuff!
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