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  1. Hi Everyone Hope as many of you can join us on Wednesday 5-7. Thanks Catherine
  2. To my dear friends on the forum... Thank you so much for all your heartfelt wishes and words of support. I am absolutely thrilled to be returnining to the world of work. It's taken 13 long years but has been worth the wait. Even better is that I've been working informally with the Trust for 9 months now so have my own little office space etc so I haven't got to go through all those 'first day nerves'! I'm working with a really good bunch of people too. Other good news is that I don't need a further CRB check as I only had one in May so hopefully my proper job will start in a matter of weeks. I'm very excited but also somewhat sad that my dear mum isn't here to share in my joy and unfortunately dad doesn't understand as he has dementia. They have done so much for me in my battles it's just a shame that they are not here in the true sense of the word. However, I'm sure mum is up there smiling down on me :original: I am still very actively involved with OCD-UK as Vice Chair, it's just that I no longer have the time to commit to the forums. I have looked after dad these past few years and he has had to be my priority. But fear not, Ash doesn't let me off the hook for too long and I like to think I'm still contributing in my role as trustee. So all you good people, please look after yourselves and thank you for sharing in my little bit of joy. Catherine xx
  3. There is a feature on Ketamine in the last issue of 'Compulsive Reading' :original:
  4. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
  5. Hi Nette I'm not sure if you should make a super human effort to control it and 'hold it all in' as this might make your anxiety worse. I know I spent from age 9-35 keeping everything OK on the surface and it nearly killed me in the end! I'd just try get on with your work without worrying too much if you let the odd thing slip, so what if you let something slip every now and then, you are human :original: . I think there is a danger that you could get a bit too hung up on what others see or notice and this may actually make you more anxious. If you can just try and relax a bit then your anxiety won't peak anyway and I wouldn't like to see you having to increase your meds just so that you don't let any aspect of your OCD show to colleagues. Just an alternative view really although ultimately you must do what feels most comfortable for you. Catherine :original:
  6. I think this is a simple but incredibly bad mix up from the original person who gave you the Early Interventions phone no. I wouldn't get hung up on it, you could just have easily been given x, y or z phone no. and early interventions in Psychosis could have a similar phone no. or whatever. Its just annoying that you are still no further on in your efforts to get treatment. Catherine :original:
  7. Hi sweetie I think you've got in a a bit of a pickle here haven't you It sounds you are worrying about the worry topped with worrying about feeling sorry for yourself. My own take on the matter is that you have got into a genuine OCD vicious circle with this one and you can't see the wood for the trees. Fact: You have OCD Fact: You are a worrier Fact: You are trying to punish yourself Fact: You think you are attention seeking Fact: You are not attention seeking It is really hard to get a grip on this when you are in the midst of it all and that is why you post...to get other peoples perspective on the issue. Give yourself a break and try to be a bit kinder to yourself :original: Catherine
  8. Hi there It's hard to know exactly what causes what here. After 4 weeks I'd have thought the Seroxat would have been kicking in, although I do understand it can actually take even longer than that to take effect. On the other hand it could be that Seroxat is not suiting you in which case it might be better to swap to one of the other SSRI group of drugs. Although they all belong to the same group, people experience quite different effects depending which one they are on. For example Prozac made me extremely agitated and yet I've been fine on Seroxat and Escitalopram. So it will probably be for you to negotiate with your doc. I think I'd be inclined to give the drug another couple of weeks, and if no improvement then, then perhaps its time for a change. Good luck Catherine :original:
  9. I take another SSRI (Escitalopram) and have just been prescribed anti inflammatories by my GP. Like Penny I didn't think there was any contra indication. Yes anti inflammatories can upset your stomach but to the best of my knowledge they are not incompatible with SSRI's :dry: Catherine :original:
  10. Hi Sunset breeze Is it a psychiatrist or a psychologist you are seeing for your CBT? Usually you have a general mental health assessment from the psychiatrist and then referred to a psychologist for the actual therapy. Just to confuse things the psychologist then usually assesses you again before acual treatment starts! If you require medication this is done by the psychiatrist. It is very confusing but I was just trying to work out exactly who you were seeing. Catherine :original:
  11. Hi there Just to say that its not advisable to withdraw suddenly or alone from an SSRI drug such as Citalopram. You might well suffer withdrawal symptoms and usually the drug is withdrawn slowly over a period of a few weeks under medical supervision. Catherine
  12. Hi sweetie I'm pleased hubby is home, that should cheer you up a bit :original: Please don't feel bad about using helplines etc as I do believe that the people do genuinely care. Mostly they are volunteer counsellors who have a very compassionate outlook. Yes I know what you mean about the 6 month doc rotation, it doesn't lend itself to establishing long term relationships :dry: I hope tomorrow is a better day for you :original: Take care, Catherine
  13. Hi sweetie I'm so sorry you are feeling depressed and down today and it sounds like you have been doing a lot of fretting over your parents. What do you think might help you feel a bit better and help you get through this spell? Do you have strategies you have used in the past which you can draw upon again? I think it is important to draw on your emotional skills as well as looking to the meds, but having said that it might be an idea to phone your Psych sec and ask if your apt could be brought forward. Bear in mind that it can take 4-6 weeks anyway for the antidepressant meds to have a real impact. Talk to hubby tonight about your feelings and get things off your chest, I'm sure that will help release some of your tension. Please let us know how you get on. Catherine :original:
  14. Hi Fer7 It very much sounds to me as though you are being over scrupilous and the guilt smacks of OCD :dry: I think you need to try and resist 'confessing' eg phoning up the club sec and disqualifying yourself as this is like giving in to the compulsion. Try to live with the fear that you have cheated, because it is only a fear, its 99.9% probable that you haven't commited a foul shot, but that is your anxiety. Getting used to living with this fear will generate a lot of anxiety at first but with practice you should find that it eases. You definately want to continue with your golf and its a great shame that OCD has managed to creep into this aspect of your life Try going out and enjoying your success and let go of that fear! Catherine :original:
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