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Guest day_enthusiast


Over the past few weeks, I've learned a lot more about OCD with the help of this and a couple other sites. With what I've learned, I'm unsure as to whether or not I beong in this forum since my syptoms don't really match with those of traditional OCD. I have compulsions to do things, CSP and a few other little rituals but these really aren't accompanied by obsessive thoughts. I mean, I pick at my arms even though I know it's hurting me but I have to do it. I don't know why, it's not because I'm worried something bad will happen otherwise, I just have to do it, it's a little difficult to explain. As for my other little rituals, they are sometimes accompanied by some fear (riding in a car) but it's not an intrusive fear. It's almost like I invented the fear in myself to explain the action.

So all this rambling is really just to ask one question: Am I in the right place? OCD is the closest explanation I've found for my problem but it's not an exact fit. I'm sure you all know more about this than I do so any thoughts or advice or whatever would be awesome! :thumbup:

thanks, dee

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Guest Doubter

Hi dee, glad you've found this site useful. With OCD you can have compulsions without the obsessions and the other way round.

Have you had a dignosis from your GP, a psychiatrist or other mental health worker? If not it might be helpful for you to get a proper diagnosis from a professional as this would probably put your mind at rest.

Take care


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Hi dee

OCD comprises a whole range of symptoms which as the name suggets, tend to be classified into obsessional thoughts and compulsive behaviours. You can have one without the other. Also, the range of compulsions you have can vary from say just one or two to a whole collection of behaviours. I think the easiest way to think about it is to think of OCD as being a scale or spectrum. Someone with say 'mild' and minimal compulsions may sit at one end of the spectrum whilst another person who has fully blown obsessional thoughts and a whole range of compulsive behaviors will sit at the other end. Many people with OCD tend to sit somewhere in the middle.........perhaps that's where you sit :thumbup:

A reasonable criterion to use when diagnosing OCD is to ask the question 'to what extent do your thoughts/behaviours interfere with your everyday life'. If they are interfering then you probably need to seek some help and support via your GP. If they don't bother you and are just an occassional irritation then you will probably not need too much in the way of support. It has to be said that in its extreme form OCD can become extremely disabling and is often accompanied by clinical depression.

As you find out more about OCD you will probably discover little compulsions you had not previously recognised as being part of OCD. It can be quiet an enlightening journey of knowledge!

Are you in the right place? Basically if you feel you can identify with what other members are talking about and derive some sort of support from it, then yes, you are in the right place :lol: Please don't feel 'your not bad enough' to join the board, far from it. What may appear as a relatively minor symptom may actually be incredibly difficult for you to deal with.

I hope you do find the board a form of support. As your knowledge of OCD increases you may well wish to seek further help from your GP. That really is a personal choice and will depend on how you are managing your everyday life.

I hope you make regular visits and find some support from the site

Catherine :)

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Guest day_enthusiast

Well thank you Doubter and Catharine for your responses! I am just overwhelemed that you went through sich efforts to help some random girl :grin:

I was thinking about the question Catharine suggested I ask "does it interfere with my life?". I feel that it does but I don't know what constitutes clinical interferance (if there is such a thing). I seemlot of time engaged in compulsive behaviors; my CSP takes anywhere from 20 minutes to upwards of an hour alone.

As far as getting an official diagnosis from a doctor goes, things are a little complicated, I'm afraid. You see, I'm only 16 and in order to see a psychiatrist I owuld have to be refferred by my regular doctor. She in turn would have to get the permission of my parents to proceed since I am not an adult (I really don't understand why they do it this way). I really don't want to burden my parents with this because everything in our home lives has been going so well these past two years.

It's really good to hear that I can belong in the OCD category of things. For some reason, having a name for something makes it more manageable to me. :lol:

At the moment, I have this vague idea that I'll research treatments and stuff on the internet and glean whatever info I can from the posts on this board and maybe put them into practice myself. I have no idea if this'll work and maybe I'm silly for trying but hey, I'm a silly person, what can I loose? :lol2:

any thoughts? :thumbup:

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You see, I'm only 16 and in order to see a psychiatrist I owuld have to be refferred by my regular doctor. She in turn would have to get the permission of my parents to proceed since I am not an adult (I really don't understand why they do it this way).

I'm not so sure about this point, dee :dry: . The very same point was raised on the board the other day and the outcome was that there is not clear certainty as to whether your parents would have to be informed. Even though you are technically a 'minor' ie under 18, the law and ethics around confidentiality are quite complex and a lot depends on your level of understanding and maturity. The person posting the other day (also 16) was in the same postition to yourself and the advice was pretty much that it would be worth going to see your GP and discussing your fears with her. You could explain that you had some concerns over your health but wanted to keep them private for the moment. I think you'll find your GP will respect your decision and at the very least clarify her position on confidentiality. My guess is that unless what you divulge compromises your safety or that of others in any way (which I don't think it does) then your consultations will remain private. Basically if you were threatening suicide then confidentiality would have to be breached but that applies equally to adults as well.

You sound like a mature and sensible person and I think it would be worthwhile you going for a chat with your GP and if it reassures you, then clarify the position re confidentiality from the outset. You don't have anything to lose I reckon :(

One thing I would suggest (from personal experience) is that if you are diagnosed with OCD or if you are referred to a psychologist or psychiatrist, then do think about broaching the subject with your parents. They may be a lot more resilient and understanding than you think. Also, with OCD it does help to have people around you who can support you at tricky times. But I'm only saying this from my experience and of course I do not know the ins and outs of your relationship with your folks. But from what you've said in your intial post it seems related to you being a 'burden' to them. Try not to worry about that as I'm sure your parents love you dearly and want to help you as much as they can. Would you feel different about the situation if it were a physical illness which you were presenting with :dry: ?

Take your time and carefully consider your options. Maybe pop over to the teens forum if you've not already visited it and see what other young people think (not that I'm that old :lol: ). As I say you sound as though you are being very sensible and thinking about how best to proceed.

I'll research treatments and stuff on the internet and glean whatever info I can from the posts on this board and maybe put them into practice myself.

I think it is a good idea to read posts on this site and if anything a lot of people recommend Dr Jeffrey Schwartz 'Brain Lock' as being a reputable aid for self help. One word of caution about the internet generally is that it can be a mixed bag. I've found many, many sites very helpful and informative, but equally the www is not policed in any way and basically any wacko can post information on it, with the intention of scare mongering or making money. Be wary of sensationalist claims or sites which recommend 'wonder cures' and asks for money. But hey, your young so probably know more about the internet than me :hug:

By the way, you're not 'some random girl' :D . You are an important person who is struggling with how best to progress with an issue and you do matter to people on this board.

Hope you feel able to reach a comfortable decision soon

Catherine :)

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Hi Dee,

I don't think we've spoken before so 'Hi!' :hug:

If your OCD and CSP are not interfering in your life too badly, you may be able to go it alone - there are always self-help books plus info on this website and other sites.

However, if you find that you are getting distressed or life is becoming unmanageable with your obsessions etc, you may need to get some help.

In my experience, OCD is best nipped in the bud, so don't give it a chance to grow!!

As far as GP's having to inform your parents, I don't know if there's a way round that one but if you find you do need help, I'm sure your parents would want to know anyway so they can support you.

Good luck and take care


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Guest day_enthusiast

Hi guys, thanks a lot for the advice!

Catharine, I think that's a good idea, to talk to my GP, it's just, I'm really worried about the whole confidentiality thing. You see, my doctor is a good friend of my mother's, they play soccer together. But then, it isn't impossible, maybe she would surprise me. Also, I guess if it does come to that, I could maybe get reffered to a phsychiatrist by a walk-in clinic. Anyone know how that works?

It really isn't that I doubt that I will receive support from my parents in the face of this whole thing. It's just that for just over four years, there were ENORMOUS problems in our little 'family-unit' because my younger brother was suffering from anxiety neurosis. That caused everyone so much grief that I feel really awful starting the whole process over now that things have cooled off a little.

The other aspect is that I really don't like the way my parents decided to deal with my brother. I thought his improvements had come about as a result of increased maturity on his part but I recently found out that they've been slipping behavior modifying drugs for the past few months. It was a bit of a schock for me, they don't know I know :oh:. So I guess I'ma little worried that i may eb handeled in the same way.

Well I'll take a look at the sites you guys suggested and keep a visit to my GP in mind.

thanks again for all the support!! you guys are super awesome! :(

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