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Initiatives To Promote Mental Health Awareness Amongst Employers

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It's also world mental health awareness day today.

A read of City A.M. has shown me that there are some good mental health initiatives going on in the City of London. The Institute Of Directors has an award running for business leaders backing good mental health, and will be holding a series of events through 2017 to raise awareness in the workplace , with a particular focus on small to medium firms.

The paper reports that last week  Business In The Community and YouGov, supported by Mind, revealed that 62 % of employees had experienced poor mental health where work was a contributing factor. 

Apparently Mind is working with a range of businesses to help them to put in place measures to support those in the workforce who are experiencing a mental health problem. 

Well done all those organisations that are involved in this vital work. 

Problems causing stress are a particular concern for OCD sufferers, as the stress increases the vulnerability  to OCD. Amongst the contributory stressors mentioned are long hours, too heavy workloads and unrealistic targets. 

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I have been with some former work friends for a pub lunch. 

One asked me if his young lad, who is autistic, might also have OCD. It seems fortunately not so. 

Two  wanted to know more about my OCD and I ran threw a few things generally, but then specific to me. 

Some good awareness work. 

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