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Hi guys,

has anyone on here ever had a specific O.C.D worry of a magical thinking nature that has come true after not doing the compulsion/ritual? So for example lets say you walked through a doorway and at that moment you got a thought of tripping over and cutting your right knee roughly within a week from that point and you felt that this thought would come true if you didn't go back and walk through that same doorway again but with a good thought in mind to neutralise the bad thought. You find the strength to resist the anxiety or uncomfortable need to go back and walk through the doorway again and you just continue as usual. After a while you stop feeling anxious and you forget about the worry you had, but then a few days later completely unexpectedly you DO trip over and cut your right knee just like you had thought. If something like this has happened to you, has this happened more than once?

On the other hand, has anyone ignored these kinds of worries and found that they have NOT come true after not doing the O.C.D ritual?

I'll be very interested in hearing any feed back from anyone.

Many Thanks.


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It's all coincidence. The simplest explanation is usually the right one.

Try this one out: Next time think you'll win the lottery if you don't do a compulsion. See how that works out. Or think that any one armed person will grow back their missing arm.


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