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Hey people it's been a while,

Just curious to see if anyone else experiences the same annoying thing I do.

Concerning obsessions that stick for a while: when I resist the urge to remember the specifics of the obsession or I realise the obsession is stupid, I then experience an intrusive thought that can only be described as a sudden revealing of what I'm tempted to try and remember.

I mean, it's infuriating, I do the right thing and decide to live without working it out, and I'm then apparently shown a split second of the memory in question that could so simply solve it, it's torturous. Makes me feel like I'm this close to remembering it, throwing the temptation to work it out into overdrive. It's like OCD is teasing me.

Is this just a false memory trick? It only happens involuntarily, delving into it more never shows more.

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I automatically have to mentally "discard" sudden thoughts such as this, because there's no way to understand them or work them out whatsoever. Period. Trying to just gets you stuck, and your OCD is clearly baiting you into thinking about it by making you feel close to remembering, yet nothing ever comes of it. Don't play that game, it never, ever works. :( When I realize what's going on (like you have), I just accept that it's a problem that my brain will likely throw at me in the future and move on. If it keeps popping back up after that, I think to myself "yeah, that's nice, brain," and use one of my go-to distractions to help show me that there are WAY better things that I could be solving.

PolarBear is right. Do your best to ignore it.

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