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Every Negative Public Opinion Re OCD Is In Fact An Awareness Opportunity!

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I find it better to reframe such issues in this way :)

Because if we look at negatives as an opportunity to carry out a positive, it both corrects that OCD misconception, and gives us a boost to our own state of mind too. 

When people trivialise OCD it hurts, they simply don't understand the devastion it causes. But a calm factual response usually turns that person's mindset round - I find it's the best way. 

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Hi Taurean


I am also a taurus, if that is what your nae refers to. I identify very strongly with what you are saying about the present moment even if i can't do it all the time. But it  feels like such a vital chance to eventually find my way back to my self through all the pain and distance it has caused in my work, family friends and incredible wife and loving kids. I am far from back yet but really like your post. Thank you and hope to correspond more if you wish -Sincerely -Jules

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Yep it's all about the starsign. Though I can be a bit clumsy like a bull in a China shop :)

The beauty of this place is we are all affected, or have been affected, by OCD, so truly understand what people fear and feel and why that is. 

I got asked the other day if I proposed to do some voluntary work now I was retired and we had downsized. 

But with, until a couple of years ago, some family responsibilities for a relative, then doing our house up to move, and downsizing,  we haven't experienced retirement truly yet. 

And I am at the moment happy spending some time online seeking to help others in the same way that I have received so much help here. 

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