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I'm scared of diagnosis

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I'm ridiculously compulsive, and I know I am, I'm not just a clean freak, I can't eat without cutlery, even toast and pizza, and I can't put my hands anywhere near my face without washing them. I hate holding hands or touching things that everyone else has touched like handrails and I often use my sleeve to open doors, I really hate germs and I compulsively wash my hands all of the time (not a great idea considering that I have eczema). I also have another strange thing about toilets? I always have to be able to access one? I'm not too sure why and I constantly have to go, exactly 2 times before I can sleep? I do subtle things like I have to be at the back of a group, if I'm not I feel as though someone will get hurt and it will be my fault. I'm 15 and this is really embarrassing, I really want to get help because I hate living like this but I can't bring myself to get a diagnosis. If I were to get diagnosed what would the doctors do/ Does anyone have experience of the UK system of dealing with OCD?

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Hi Lollypop,

I'm really sorry to hear you're struggling with these compulsions. 

The first step is to make an appointment with your GP. He/she will then ask about your symptoms and decide whether to refer you to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) for an assessment. 

For a diagnosis your obsessions and compulsions must be:

1. Present on most days of the week

2. A source of significant distress or must interfere with your daily activities (e.g. school, home life or times with friends/free time)

3. The thoughts (e.g. the thoughts that someone might get hurt if they walk at the back of a group and that your hands are germy) must be unpleasantly repetitive 

4. The compulsions need to be difficult to resist performing (e.g. you can say that you find it impossible to resist the need to hand-wash if that's the case).

If you need treatment for your OCD then it's definitely a good idea to see your GP. 

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