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Is this OCD?

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For ages I have really struggled with worrying about things but recently it’s got so bad that it’s really affecting me. It’s got worse as I have started working at a Nursing home. My biggest fear is giving someone an illness from picking something up from my taps or something as I have a brother who isn’t exactly clean if you know what I mean... 

I feel like I need to wash my hands every time I touch anything. I don’t care about my own health or making myself ill, it is only others. 

I also have a problem where I have to check I have turned everything off or touch something 4 times and sometimes even 16 (I think cause it’s 4 lots of 4).

sorry to bother people I just really wanted to talk to someone 


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Hi daffodil, 

Hopefully another young person will pop by soon to say hello (I'm an old wrinkly! :Old:)  but meanwhile welcome to the forum. :welcome:

Worrying about passing on infection is a common obsession, and checking things a set number of times is a common compulsion. Have you read any self-help books on OCD or had any treatment in the past? How can we help you? :)  

(If you don't get many replies here in the young person's forum come and say hello in the main forum too. There tends to be a bit more activity there.) 

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I did that 4 x 4 thing as a teenager  

The washing thing too but one must learn to apply common sense to it.  

The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing is a great beginning book. 

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