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I got a legit realistic false nemory.....

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Well...i got false nemories before but they are often about me doing something bad in the distant past...but now i just got a realistic short term false nemory..... never happened before...


So i just applied for a night shift work and they handed me a paper to give my to my doctor and so on.......

When i came home i remember that i had another paper that detailed the job and instruction about what i should do after applying.... i showed that paper to my mom too and we read it together.... And i lost that paper... i felt awful, my first job and i lose an important document..i kept thinking "they will fire me" "they will hate me"... and i kept thinking where i put that paper...i knew i had it when i went in the car on the way home  I REMEMBERED HOLDING IT IN MY HANDS..... with the feeling of shame i went back to tell them that i lost their paper but they were closed. So yesterday i went in... and guess what ? There was no paper.... yeah... they only gave me one... the nemory of reading it to my mother and holding it in my hands was fake ..... the only paper they gave me was the one i gave to my doctor....  I feel like an insane person, i never had such a strong false nemory...  I have a 100% realistic nemory of having and seeing 2 papers....

My friend also later applied for the job, and they gave him one paper....

I cant believe how real it feels like.... I know it was OCD because i was anxious and had obsessions about loosing that paper the whole day...

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