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  1. I used to have this fear, Petal. It's just OCD.
  2. I did/do. It doesn’t matter what kind of OCD you have - it’s all the same. so sorry you’re struggling right now, Nikki.
  3. I went the whole day (semi) compulsion free. I didn’t call any companies until 5 pm after work (I promised myself I would work today) and even when I called, I would just hang up because I didn’t want to get caught up (only called 2x).
  4. Yes. “What the hell was I thinking?” is always how I feel when I work through something.
  5. Hi all, thanks for your tough love the other day. Checked myself back into therapy and looking forward to learning more and sharpening my skills. We did an in-office ERP exercise that was damn hard, but we worked through it until my anxiety dropped.
  6. Thank you, Malina. Sometimes I just need some tough love.
  7. Hey Jumbo, I'm going through it right now so I'm not sure how much help I actually am - but, just wanted to let you know you're not alone with the needle stab worry. I had it too for a brief amount of time, but I was able to work through it. Best wishes to you!
  8. I'm so miserable. I can't stop calling and getting conflicting information which makes me more confused.
  9. Malina, I’m afraid there’s data that says I cheated on my husband.
  10. I'm going through a horrible time. I'm obsessed with getting data records from different companies. I've called one company over 20 times asking the same question. Written down the answer. Still don't believe it. They're getting annoyed with my calls and I'm embarrassed but I can't stop.
  11. That is also a possibility. I just can't shake the fear of actually finding something.
  12. OK, let's say I *do* actually find something. Then what do I do?
  13. I know. I hear ya. My husband just tells me to delete them because it's useless, but I just want to be sure. I know it can get truly ridiculous because there's TONS of data points out there. I'll always find a new one if I keep on letting this go.
  14. Are they meaningless if there's actually data in there, though? I did request data from one entity and found some old data in there that I thought I deleted which sent me down a spiral, unfortunately.
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