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Therapy come to an end

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My theripst has decided that I’m better now. I mentioned earlier on last week that treating my anxiety was better. She seems to think challenging my thoughts is the best solution. I also explained I stopped doing 90% of my compulsions like replacing stuff or washing. I explained I simply forget about thoughts. Like I do have some existence and contamination worries but I simply have to forget these thoughts as I have decided I don’t need the stress. 

Some people may agree it’s best to stop thearpy or some may disagree but I’m sure she wouldn’t say stop if I still needed help. It may work out ok becuase I can save money and see how I get on without the help and on the other hand if I am struggling I can either go back to her or seek a new theripst which may have a different approach.

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You are not recovered Phil, that's one thing I am very certain of. So please don't think that just because one therapists wants to end your sessions means that you are "over all of this". However, therapy takes more than just talking to the therapists, have you two talked about exposures and have you done any such activities on your own?

You can do great improvements on your own, and every moment is a possibility to get better. You can overcome OCD without a therapist and ultimately do you need to be your own therapist, all that said, this aside, I think you could benefit greatly from doing exposures.

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The other day I came across a trigger that my OCD would previously have homed right in on and produced a prolonged anxiety response and repetitive obsessional thinking. 

So what happened next? 

It provoked an immediate shot of anxiety the moment I saw it, but I recognised it for what it was, gently but firmly eased it away out of my mental immediate, and peripheral focus; got back to what I was doing, and the anxiety response fizzled out. 

These intrusions used to happen frequently, but it's only very occasional now. 

Because I worked through my CBT and learned not to connect with, give belief to, or carry out compulsions as a result of, triggers. 

I truly believe others can get to this stage if they go about thinking this is the achievable result from committing to believing the therapy not the OCD. 

It takes time to achieve that goal, and it's not likely to happen during a course of CBT. It absolutely requires the sufferer to carry on practicing what they learn from the therapy. 

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