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I do not think that there is any strong positive correlation shown between dyspraxia and OCD. Could be wrong. Dyspraxia is I think generally considered to be a developmental neurological condition affecting the development of motor skills and body coordination. So people with OCD have the same chance of having dyspraxia as the general population.

 People might have problems tying shoelaces, this involves motor actions and hand eye coordination. Learning to tie shoelaces is the development of a set of motor skills which gets laid down in our implicit or procedural memory so the action of tying shoelaces becomes semi automatic. Other examples of dyspraxia would be problems in handwriting or other dexterous skills. Also people with dyspraxia tend to have balance and coordination problems which make riding a bike problematic. These other things are examples of problems in developing procedural memories which are core to skill development. I remember reading an article which argued that stopping compulsions was like developing the skill of tying shoelaces. I think that this is wrong. The development of motor skills and coordination is different to slowing learning to resist compulsions. 

Why do you ask?

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