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  1. It's not just what they say to you that matters but their overall attitude / the way they come across as a [professional] person. I've seen clinicians who go on and on about how old they are, about how soon they're going to be retiring, and ones that yawn a lot! I think that to be a successful CBT therapist, you need to be able to motivate and inspire people to change, so you need energy, positivity, charisma, passion & enthusiasm. Or at least to be able to convincingly pretend that that you have the above! I think these are essential traits, and people involved in recruiting therapists should appoint staff who have these kinds of personas, at least for the short time they are with their patients. Oh, and have the courtesy and respect to have actually read the patient's notes!
  2. I can't believe this day has come - I'm so happy! 1) It might help ppl who can't manage their lives due to OCD who have tried everything else available. It could give hope to sufferers & their families. It is relatively painless. Its efficacy does not depend on the relationship between the therapist & pt. The waiting lists might be significantly lower than for psychological therapy. Unlike ketamine, you can leave the clinic immediately and can drive immediately. Having it available on the NHS all around the country would be amazing - private treatment costs a fortune and is only available in limited places. It could reduce suicides. 2) You really need to live near a clinic because you need to go 5 days a week for 4-6 weeks. It is difficult to access for ppl who don't live near a clinic - you would have to devote 4-6 weeks to commuting for the treatment so only suitable for non-working pts. Current disadvantages are high costs and limited locations. It can cause headaches. The treatment might not result in an improvement. 3) Already covered this really. Benefit more: pts who have tried everything else without success, suicidal pts / desperate pts, ME. Benefit less: if the treatment doesn't work for you. I would try this tomorrow. If you hear of any clinical trials please let me know.
  3. Greece, wow! Well done on the good days. Sorry about the bad one. Hope you can really enjoy your holiday as much as you can. I went to Kos once, alone, to Mark Warner place. Had nice food & did windsurfing. In fact, I've been so lucky to have been on loads of amazing holidays. Hope you can find something you enjoy out there which makes you feel good.
  4. Hi Alex, I've been through the same so can really empathise. I understand that you feel guilty, but please know it is not your fault. Everyone should be able to have their views & feelings heard, I think. I'm sorry it's so tough for you at the moment.
  5. I made a complaint, asking to know why my local psychologist told me something and then went back on what she said (something which had a significant & devastating impact on me). First of all they didn't answer properly, so I reiterated my problem. They have just come back to me to say what she told me is "not documented". But it's of little help to me to just say it's not documented. I'd like to know why what happened happened, irrespective of whether what she said was documented or not! Why are NHS complaints investigators either so thick or so unwilling to help patients resolve their problems? Someone on Twitter said that after a suicide attempt, a nurse scolded her for not thinking about the person who would have found her corpse. I replied because I felt sorry for the person & bewildered by the nurse's comment - however we die, in the vast majority of cases, yes we will be corpses, and yes, someone else will probably find us. You'd think a nurse, of all people, would be able to figure that out.
  6. I try to take care when I write to people. So it really does my head in when, when you get the response, they haven't read your email / letter properly. It's happened 3 times in the last week! And, surprise, surprise, all 3 illogical responses are from the NHS. I guess I should be glad they are communicating with me but I wish I could get them to read English properly. What's the point of saying what I want to say if they are going to read something different? Why is communication so hard?
  7. I'm 40 & I live with my Mum.Do you live with your Mum? When my Mum asked me to move out I wasn't working so pretty much impossible to get my own place. If you are living with your Mum, do you want to stay?
  8. Just checking: it isn't Liverpool Hope Uni is it? Don't go there! All unis have a disability officer - contact them now. Does Disabled Students' Allowance still exist? If so, apply if you haven't already.
  9. I have taken clomipramine for about two years, 4 months, up to 225mg and back down again. I haven't had the experiences you describe.
  10. Do not call up yourself, do not attend the appointment alone. Interview is long and harrowing. Everything you do is being watched & assessed, eg. handshake = testing your hand strength.
  11. Hi, no not at all offended, just really happy you replied! They say obsessive compulsive personality disorder as well as OCD... I totally want to put my energy into positive stuff but my misery is winning at the moment! Can you help me find a way to turn it around?
  12. Hi, I'm still struggling with my low mood since my local CMHT psychologist discharged me & lied to me and my GP about what she had told me was going to happen. I've lodged a formal complaint which should be answered by end of July. But the problem is consuming me - how can I stop this from happening?
  13. Enjoy your honeymoon. If you decide to organise some treatment when you get back I reckon you will be able to talk to the therapist about your goals & they will help you with realistic ones in the short term. And if that goes well, you'll be able to progress and meet even more of your ambitions in future.
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