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  1. Hi, no not at all offended, just really happy you replied! They say obsessive compulsive personality disorder as well as OCD... I totally want to put my energy into positive stuff but my misery is winning at the moment! Can you help me find a way to turn it around?
  2. Hi, I'm still struggling with my low mood since my local CMHT psychologist discharged me & lied to me and my GP about what she had told me was going to happen. I've lodged a formal complaint which should be answered by end of July. But the problem is consuming me - how can I stop this from happening?
  3. Enjoy your honeymoon. If you decide to organise some treatment when you get back I reckon you will be able to talk to the therapist about your goals & they will help you with realistic ones in the short term. And if that goes well, you'll be able to progress and meet even more of your ambitions in future.
  4. Are you under any MH services at the moment other than your GP? Have you had any specialist treatment yet? If not, get referred to Oxford, CADAT or ADRU, Springfield Tooting, Priory North London, Welwyn Garden City, Dundee, Sheffield or Newcastle!
  5. You could address it this way: as for the first concert & police interview: it's natural to be anxious about something like a police interview. Anyone in your situation would be nervous / apprehensive about the police interview. So, if you understand & accept that you are bound to be anxious about that, then you will be anxious anyway about that, regardless of whether you go to the first concert. So... you might as well go to the first concert and enjoy yourself! Take a good friend to support you in London, take some wet wipes & if your seat is dirty you will be prepared. Though the likelihood is that it won't be & you'll be able to keep the wipe and use it for like wiping your hands after some delicious sticky food.
  6. Anyone on here got OCD & dyspraxia? Thanks
  7. How old are you? If you don't meet your travel ambitions right now those places will still be there another time.
  8. If you're near enough to commute to London Denmark Hill, ask your doctor to refer you to Cadat under "patient choice".
  9. Follow Fiona Challacombe on Twitter. Google 'Cadat London', then phone or email them.
  10. Not sure medium to long term, but short term, finding a distraction helps me. 1 hour of Sarah Millican did me a lot of good.
  11. I just threw a glass on a hard floor & it shattered everywhere. Managed2 clean it up quite calmly. I don't like breaking things bt I've done this a handful of times in the past year when the NHS has driven me2 the end of my tether.
  12. My personal advice would be (with agreement of the doc) not to continue with the paroxetine. I have taken antidepressants for 17 years, including paroxetine. There are many reasons why this is my opinion. You are starting on the minimum dose and if you tolerate it you will be able to gradually increase it. But if / when you decide you want to stop it then you have to decrease it gradually, not stop abruptly. I would personally try to see if you could feel better with the CBT, and delay starting antidepressants if you can. Apparently another option for anxiety medication is beta-blockers, but I haven't tried them. If you do continue with paroxetine, please, please, please arrange with someone you trust and / or your prescriber to help you monitor any suicidal thoughts you have. I personally had a very bad experience with paroxetine, but presumably it does benefit some people. Oh, one more thing. Those questionnaires you do in the doctors - some are sponsored / designed by pharmaceutical companies to get patients to use their drugs...
  13. I have just been through the Bath paperwork and it is extremely clear that the referrer / care co-ordinator is not meant to discharge you. Why can the NHS never just help people without piles of stress and excuses?!!!
  14. Hi, I've started therapy with a specialist service which is fabulous BUT I found out today that my local CMHT is "releasing" me due to starting the specialist treatment. You might think that that is fair enough, but it's been a huge shock because it's not what I was told would happen. The reason the CMHT got involved in the first place was because it was a condition of my referral to ADRU that I be "open to" my CMHT. I am now being treated by Bath, and I am pretty sure it is a general request by the specialist providers that local services don't see specialist treatment as a reason to pull out - yet this is precisely what they have just sprung on me. Thanks for listening.
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