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Confronting OCD.

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4 years ago I started a thread about being worried about contacting an old friend on Facebook. I was not sure about doing so, as even though he had been nasty at times, I was tempted to contact him and for weeks the temptation did not go away.

Not sure if it is necessarily OCD in this sense, but I was obsessing over it. Worried about rejection. Then I saw him across the road a short time later (he never saw me AFAIK) and the fact I never went up to him to say "hi" sort of relieved me of the anxiety, as I had an opportunity to reconnect that day, but was too nervous to, and I felt happier, it made me think he was not that important to get back in touch with.

But a few weeks ago after 4 years, the obsessions came back and the temptations to contact him. I felt sick so in the end I felt the only way to be free of it is to send him a quick PM on FB, and if he decided not to bother answering, that at least I would know. Well he answered, and must have seemed delighted to hear from me.


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benjamin, mate, it looks as though OCD has latched on to this, I'd say, aim to treat it accordingly. 

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