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  1. The irony is that those demons are paper tigers ... nothing at all.
  2. Again, couldn't resist a chuckle at this.
  3. Another tack might be, and a friendly suggestion here O Neg, post about the spikes you might be inclined to mention, but, sometimes with a considerable delay ... that is when the anxiety is minimal. You might find, miraculously, that the posting of them here is moot, or you might even have to force yourself! Again, as dksea says, your posts are welcome, but you might consider the suggestions food for thought. Cheers.
  4. No respect taken, but if I was in any way 'extra', I think the point still stands. I don't doubt posting (often, about many spikes) gives you relief, but I'm not sure it isn't occasionally a ritual in itself. Arguably, it also reinforces a message that the spikes are significant. Your call. Just my proverbial.
  5. Try to remember that the triggers don't matter - at all. With OCD life itself is a potential trigger. They'll come and go, let 'em.
  6. O Neg, I think you know the answer. It looks like you might be fishing for 'permission' to alleviate your own OCD generated guilt (a disguised compulsion). My suggestion, since all these concerns are just OCD rubbish, why not try to cut down on posting every one that comes up?
  7. Dave, a post script. Try to see that OCD's ubiquity can actually be your friend. The if it isn't one thing, it's only another should give you an insight into its absurdity. Cry wolf doesn't come close.
  8. All that password stuff, someone coming to steal everything, is quintessential OCD cliche. Don't let a banal fraud get the better of you.
  9. O Neg, the terrible irony is that the solution to the OCD 'dilemma', is only a tiny step away (when in the trenches we rarely see that) then the sweet air of freedom. Want to 'solve' this. Don't engage with the question.
  10. Bringing the thoughts on willingly and the anxiety dropped away? OCD hates not being intimidating.
  11. That's right, don't let the OCD faze you, that's what it wants. The theme is absolutely irrelevant. And luck? Luck had nothing to do with you having put the disorder on the run before, it was your own doing. You can do it again.
  12. Totally, completely and utterly irrelevant. To imply otherwise is the opposite of helpful, not to mention, plain dumb. In addition, apart from being immaterial, the question comes across as boorish.
  13. Hosscat, ignore the unhelpful trite, smug sounding, 'get with the program' response above. I'll just say this, you've done it before, you know OCD's game plan, you have the tools, implement them. As you know - certainly for the vast majority of OCD sufferers, the disorder's chronic, and always has the potential to try again You're in the driver's seat. It's you at the wheel. Wishing you the best.
  14. Because you have OCD. Are you sure you're not using the forum here to surreptitiously seek reassurance?
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