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  1. You know what Caramoole, I've been mulling over your 'lecture'. One would think I'd never contributed a damn thing here, other that a blithe 'get over it attitude' to sufferers. I appreciate my bending the coat hangar back might not be for everyone ... but context might count for something. Anyway, not great loss, I'm out of here.
  2. I hear you, though I thought a reminder that the OP wan't being ignored gratuitously was worth a shot. I think whatever contributions I have or haven't made to this forum might well reflect some awareness of others' conditions.
  3. I don't think people are ignoring you ... it's just there's not much to say, you have an obsession, you post about it ... And ... ? Try not to jump to the tune of a mental disorder.
  4. Congrats, no small feat! And success begets success. The thought process is just typical OCD doing its thing. The very questioning in itself - now suddenly so terribly 'important' tells you how you should ... or make that, shouldn't respond. The siren call of ruminating will come, let it, but don't bite. Nip in bud. Cheers.
  5. It's your choice not to wallow, it's you in the driver's seat. The secret truth is, that seemingly giant step is much smaller you think.
  6. All right then, keep on wallowing in what your OCD says.
  7. Yep, invariably your inner truth knows the answer.
  8. Angst, there's nothing wrong with being aware or informed, but try to keep in mind, that life is a dangerous affair anyway, no one gets out alive, none of us. If it's not coranavirus, it'll only be something else ... take your pick, coronaries, cancer, crashes ... and that's just a few of the c's.
  9. Misinformation and facts, erroneous or otherwise have nothing to do with the cause of one's OCD.
  10. Same old partner ... BTW don't set yourself up to be the opposite of bad, it will never be enough, OCD will never be appeased. Only you care what you 'want', no one else does.
  11. About being 'the most convincing thing on earth', when that dodgy brain chemistry kicks in ... ! It does sound as though you're on top of things.
  12. Yes, you can. Your advantage you know its game plan.
  13. I'm an OCD sufferer and it makes sense to me. At least, in the cold light of discussion, don't let the disorder mar your cognitive ability. What your OCD says is irrelevant.
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