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  1. There you go ... a reminder that checking, a compulsion, backfires.
  2. That adage, not so easy but one to aspire to 'live as if you didn't have OCD'.
  3. Brilliant! In an uncertain world of flux, Handy brings a reassuring constant.
  4. From a therapeutic point of view, it doesn't matter how you feel, it's what you do, or don't do that counts - namely performing compulsions.
  5. It's just standard issue inane OCD doing its thing.
  6. I know, those damn compliments are hard to take ... anyway ... Cheers.
  7. Mycoral, your post sounds exactly like OCD. The disorder will focus on anything and everything. Try to keep in mind that in spite of the disorder's siren call of 'importance', the content is absolutely irrelevant, though OCD will do its damnedest to make you feel otherwise. You'll find some sagacious insights on this forum - e.g. Polar Bear and dksea. Best of luck with your therapy.
  8. But not too depressed, I note, to write a lengthy post.
  9. Even scan reading your post it's apparent. What's apparent I leave for you to deduce.
  10. If it's not one thing, it'll only be another. Treat as you would any other cry wolf charlatan.
  11. CD, Don't let an inane random 'OK this'll do it this time to cause her distress' disorder make you act like a fool. You know its game plan, get back in the driver's seat.
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