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  1. paradoxer

    OCD- Ruminating Jumping Bean

    Responded above.
  2. paradoxer

    OCD- Ruminating Jumping Bean

    In some ways, the fact that OCD 'jumps' can actually be your friend - the fact that 'if it isn't one thing it's another' helps to reveal the disorder to be the inane time-waster that it is.
  3. paradoxer

    How to not respond to the thoughts

    Cheers taurean and gingerbreadgirl.
  4. paradoxer

    How to not respond to the thoughts

    OCD loves desperation, loathes indifference.
  5. But Morix, you don't worrying about little things, you only worry about them, if your OCD/paranoia latches on to them. If you can do it, about other things, you can do it for those anxiety-provoking things too. BTW, you're English is very good.
  6. paradoxer

    OCD relapse

    Yes, focusing inordinately on wanting OCD to go away, actually can fuel the disorder ... since it's too desperate - just what OCD loves. Implementing tools, and as you point out, taking a day a a time, is the way forward.
  7. paradoxer

    Life makes no sense

    Perhaps more appropriate for a philosophy forum, than an OCD one.
  8. paradoxer

    I'm having a tough day.

    Remember, the trigger isn't the thing (for OCD sufferers life is a trigger. The important thing is how you react, or, if you like, don't react to it.
  9. paradoxer

    I'm having a tough day.

    Well, you know what to do. You've done the ruminating, now let it pass.
  10. paradoxer


    Absolutely. No hard feelings re anyone here. I also may have been oversensitive. Tackling this disorder - same boat - is the thing. Sorry about the train journey.
  11. paradoxer


    So was Polar Bear. Context.
  12. paradoxer


    When the Polar Bear said it was ridiculous, they were aiming to help. Context is everything ... before you're ungraciously dismissive - or pedantic. Yes, what the OP describes is ridiculous - and if you must - not ridiculous at all. Bloody hell ... ridiculous.