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  1. That scanning ... and it will invariably find so-called triggers, is a kind of testing. One of the most ubiquitous and OCD enforcing rituals.
  2. OCDhavenobrain is right, but it must come from an informed position. Again, the tricky paradoxical nature of the disorder.
  3. For the purposes here, I'd say it's irrelevant what dksea thinks ... I'm sure he'll bear me out. Try not to use the forum to facilitate your OCD.
  4. OCD hates nothing more than not being taken seriously.
  5. Yep, it's those absurd little mental calculations, that struggle for a 'safe harbor', which of course is no safe harbor at all.
  6. Not sure I can offer any advice, but those insidious subtle compulsions are, I'm sure, why though I've had much success with tackling OCD, there's that 30% that remains. Yes, it's an ongoing work.
  7. There are plenty of other people who have similar thoughts ... who knows I might be writing this message to no one? ... but they don't care. The fact that you're posting your concerns repeatedly on an OCD forum ... the doubt, the hand-wringing, the ruminating, the pain, the search for reassurance, makes it pretty apparent ... your problem, chum, isn't existential. It's (arguably far more daunting ;) OCD. Treat it accordingly.
  8. Agree, I think there's a good chance that concerns about becoming ill, for many, might just be in the minority.
  9. Absolutely agree, reassurance, and just muddying the waters.
  10. The smart response here would be 'I think it's because it falls into that OCD bracket'.
  11. This is an OCD support forum, not a tech one ... don't use it to perform compulsions.
  12. Concur with the above, it's apparent there's still a remarkable lack of understanding of OCD by those who should be more informed. Better, as Phil has pointed out - to sound things out. After all, the content of OCD is irrelevant, particularly to a regular doctor. A reference to anxiety would do it. In terms of feeling down, the doctor's ignorance is her problem.
  13. And there's your motivation. It is absurd.
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