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Has anyone ever played with an Oculus Rift

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Hello folks!

I have decided to get more involved on here because you have always been such a big support and I want to give something back to you all. 
So I was looking for a toy (yea, I can be a grown man and still like toys) and I was contemplating the Oculus Rift. It seems like a really nifty bit of kit. What is putting me off however is that apparently to really get the best out of it it, you need a powerful PC. Secondly, I hear some of the games are a big banal and there is a lot of ADULT stuff on there which seems a bit creepy if you ask me. So I was wondering what your opinions of it were?

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I haven't used any of the various VR platforms myself other than a couple demos many years ago, but just wanted to suggest the Oculus Quest 2 as a potential alternative.  Its cheaper than the Rift S and doesn't require a PC to play games (though it can be used with one apparently).  I'm sure the games vary quite a bit in quality, but I've heard some, like Beat Saber are quite fun.

Another alternative if you have a Play Station 4 is to consider the PS VR setup.

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